@ Saturday, August 27, 2011

Went to see Broadway's Kiss Me, Kate, it was good. Nothing I'd see again though. I preferred the '08 tour version we saw in 2008. It's a play within a play, two actors, 1yr divorced play the main characters, Kate & the guy - I forget his name. For a 2hr summary of this watch 10 Things I Hate About You. Interestingly the play once again opens in Verona (RJ), but two of the girls are wearing french hoods (img). The dancing was great, including dancers' costumes. green satin looks good on anyone almost. I loved the girls' satin dresses, though not enough to get one XD.  The play is set in the late 40s, Baltimore (like Hairspray, though it's more late 60s/early 60s). Afterwards on the tram, I heard one of the actors says it wasn't that good, and another said it was because of the audience. It wasn't sold out, only 2/3 of the theatre was filled. And when you see a lot of empty spaces performance levels decrease. But to me the lights have always been pretty much blinding and you can only see the first few rows, but then again our seatings layout is smaller. The sets were pretty amazing and huge (compared to out sets, tour size - you can't bring a wall along)! Fold outs, backstage on one side, change rooms on the other. The best supporting character was: Baptista, it's harder than you think to walk like an old man and always sound like one too XD.

After the musical we went to dinner, being spontaneous we ended up at McD XD, even though there was a subway next door I was in the mood for fries. I don't know why they're so amazing, but they are. Dessert was maxibons ^^, I like them, but the cookie part after being in the freezer tastes, stale-ish?, though I think it's meant to be like that. Someone made a maxibon cake using 8 of them XD. I prefer my cookies fresh from the bakery oven. And I love white chocolate macadamia ones, though I have yet to make them. I've only ever made cookies once in my lifetime (20 something years) and even then we bought the dough, and just sliced and baked it. Here's a recipe.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

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