@ Friday, September 09, 2011

A month of testing, the last round till exams! So busy. Got legal test tomorrow, maths & eng the week after, and business & health in the last week. They'll planning graduation, and I'm not sure I want to go to grad dinner, as:
a. I don't have any friends at this college
b. social event - friends = boring
c. it's $120, same price as going to broadway

Went to another dr and she said I'm fine, just need some shots (6!) had two today and it f-ing hurt! More than a blood test. Taking the rest as liquid. Found a place with "good" coffee this afternoon, by good I mean it works! 6hrs and still going :) Compared to Saturday's .5hr.

It was a cafe near college, the cloest one, and they had carrot cake ^^.

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