@ Saturday, September 24, 2011

Went to 'Lord of the Fries' for lunch, after hearing lots of great reviews. The name is disturbing, as it's a pun on Golding's 'Lord of the Flies' which is actually a pig's head on a stick. And the story is about a bunch of school boys running around killing each other and stuff - after their plan crashes on the island (where there's no people). We studied it in 10th grade english and law, as a text and then as a society with no laws. The Simpsons did an episode on it called Das Bus

I ordered the kid's meal which was a mini ^^ burger, and small fries for $7. Failed to read: vegetarian. So what was the "beef" patty made out of? O.O It was sadly meh to bad, to me. Never again. The fries were decent, but sadly nothing out of the ordinary - Grill'd was/is better. It was a disappointment - except for the topping, which was Belgian-style (a variation mayo). Sadly there was no "Happy Meal" box, the burger came wrapped and in a paper bag, while the fries came in a box :), and all in a brown paper bag. No pictures cause I was [almost] late for class, didn't have the camera with me, there was no place to take pictures (it was TA only), and it reminded me of poutine, which I had too much of a couple weeks ago with jas.

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