@ Thursday, November 03, 2011

1/4 Exams done. Though we almost/could have not made it there in time. A genius decided instead of turning into a street to turn into the side of the bus! A meter and a bit further and he could have hit me O.O. Fortunately it ran into the wheel/storage part of the bus, and no one was really hurt except for the car (part of the side fell off, and it wasn't the door), and possibly my shoulder (tba) as I hit a metal bar. Does the blazer provide "cushioning"? We will soon find out.

There were three of us (me, a boy in my eng class, and a girl from the girls' college down the road from us) sitting the 9am eng exam (everyone doing this course this yr at all colleges in the state do it at the same time) on the bus. I attempted to called the college, but no one was there (they were all outside the exam room) while he called his 'rents then a taxi. The taxi wouldn't have made it in time, as there was traffic. When the bus stopping a bunch of kids from other college (this bus goes to 3 colleges: ours, the girls one, and a public one - we have our own bus, but it's supper early) left, as their college was down the road (about 1km) the crossing bells (train) was ringing but they got past anyway O.O. Arrive alive and late or get hit by a train?

So the taxi and replacement bus wouldn't have made it in time. We were so screwed. Luckily a lady in front of the bus gave us a lift, as she said if her child be in the same situation someone would help him. And she said she had a son that went to our college and a girl that went to the other.

The exam went fine, though I did feel dizzy at some point. My pocket watch failed, and time management fail so I was a bit sketchy on the last two paras. Though I did finish the 3 tasks. Two parts of it was unexpected in that we expected the easy question - like last yr, but instead got harder ones that we had to change a little e.g. "compromise" defined as sacrificing something, novel eg. Proctor was fighting between his reputation (name) and integrity. And for the 3rd task it was a blog to analyze - and all we practiced was newspaper articles and speeches! I spent a while trying to figure out whether it was blogger or wordpress till I realized it didn't matter - it was the purpose of a blog that mattered.

After that I finished bm notes (with help from mr bm), ready for binding. The rest of the day was foggy, so tired and unproductive. Saw mr health at some point unexpectedly and he was shocked I only had one question XD (on static). He saw my notes and said he loved it ^^ (not in that words, but you get the point) and wants them after the exam (I'm fine with that as he's the most enthusiastic about answering my questions and doesn't act negatively "More questions?! *bang*". That and he's just overall awesome). Not an issue - as long as he doesn't give everyone (next yr) a copy of the book.

Onto the topic of gifts, I've finally figured part of my leaving gift for mr health (one thing, two designs I love = conflict) with some help. Now the 2nd part is more difficult, as there's a mini list of sustainable gifts, though as he said they could all have a good debate. I think maybe the seeds, though there's nothing like announcing "I bought you a duck ^^". Not sure if that's a good idea, as a. he does have a dead lucky bamboo plant in his office... and b. he might eat it XD.

- If you're wondering why mr health pretty much always gets more words than other it's because he's the nicest teacher I've ever had - or definitely somewhere at the top. And because he's very friendly and does things such as ask how was your day, or how are you and is genuine (most people accept the 'fine'), in a place that is strict in terms of roles and interactions there aren't many like him.

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