15 Cool Mugs @ Tuesday, November 01, 2011

15 Cool Mugs
(or things that holds liquid)
Note: Not in order of cool-nes

1. Heat Changing Mug Series

Pac Man

Turn Me On

Tank Up Coffee Mug
Global Warming
3 Countries most effected (excluding islands): VN, Bangladesh, Egypt

Doctor Who Tardis
If you're into Dr Who...

2. Keep Calm & Carry On Mug
I love the "Keep Calm & Carry On" Series

3. Camera Lens Mug
These are very cool, and popular on ebay.
However that looks like plastic and plastic + heat = melt = toxic

4. Rubik’s Coffee Mug
That's just odd...

5. Mr Men Mugs
While it may not be a different shape to the normal mug, you can't deny this is a cool print.

6. Laboratory Beaker Mug
Perfect for science nerds and teachers

7. MyCuppa Coffee Mug
This reminds me of those paint sample cards

8. Selector Mug
I don't like this mug, the colour and design,
though it's an interesting concept. (the keep cup has it too)

9. Shark Attack Mug
More of a prank if you make everyone's coffee in the office.
Not really giftable.

10. Half Full Glass
Only works if you put anything but water in it.

11. Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass
This is amazing! But once again it needs to be coloured liquid. And doesn't hold much.
One of the coolest designs ^^. Good luck trying to clean it properly ;P

12. Hopside Down Beer Glass
Perfect for beer lovers.

13. The Plug Mug
Mrs Health '09 once said that someone kept stealing her mug - till she got a f-ugly one with a fish on it!
This would be a great alternative, while it's not like my Hamlet mug (one very realistic skull),
it does the job, the one who burnt themselves if the one who stole your mug.

14. Skeleton Hand Goblet
Perfect for any Gothic/Halloween party

15. Skull Mug
I have one similar to this, though it's about the same size as the Hamlet one.

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