Gift Wrapping @ Sunday, November 13, 2011

In the spirit of avoiding work and stalking an item ending within an hr on ebay, I did some research on gift wrapping, and found some great stuff. As all but one gift is for a guy, it is unlikely that...
a. he will open it carefully, not destroying the wrapping paper
b. he won't be keeping it
hence I want to go with something that is 100% ok to be destroyed. I'm using brown lunch bag colour wrapping paper ($4.50 for 5m). It's something different. Something simple. After wrapping it in brown paper, I'll add a bit of colour paper or a ribbon (promise not to go overboard and paint the wrapping paper from PVA glue, then glitter bomb it this time - though I do love doing that...). Anywhere here are pictures for inspiration, lots of credit goes to Mrs B, for most of the pictures. Oh and the soap arrived ^^, so the only thing we're waiting for is the duck.

Loving this! Esp cause I can try to make the bow.

Paper + Ribbon - Plant Thingy

Why is there a big white space under the img in the img?!
I like this. Twine. Except that I already have lots of ribbon... hence no reason to buy twine.

Simple but Elegant. Great for a girl or my KK, if I get her something in a box.
One of the top designs for brown paper bag wrapping.

It's missing something... a ribbon!

Simple & Pretty. I'd like to add a punched heart on the bottom right corner.
Is this a book?

Electrical Tape + Brown Paper = Burberry
I do have electrical tape! It's a bit dry, but there's double sided tape!

Might use these tags, with ribbon.
DIY: Manila folder + hole puncher + heart punch out on b.s. (both sides)

So excited about gift wrapping! I'll take pictures of what I end up doing and post them ^^. Probably won't have them all matching. But that's ok, as long as the gifts e.g. for jas, are decorated in the same way. We're going to find out if wrapping is my thing, hopefully it is, as I've already signed up for gift wrapping for charity ^^.

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