Finishing School @ Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last x I did a modeling course, though I haven't been a teenager for sometime I was one very delusional one last year - and hence signed up for the course, which included a week of finishing school. The instructors were called trainers, which was ... as when I think of trainers the first thing that comes to mind is dogs. That being set aside the course itself was alright, worth it? that depends on your perspective. Are you a girly girl who loves spending an entire afternoon doing your make-up? There are girls who have done the course and being offered jobs (as models) - if the trainers think you have potential and you're a walking twig (god know how they're still alive) :P. It didn't really suit me personally.

The course goes for two weeks, for the full time option, the other is weekly session, two hours, 17 weeks. It's $850, but if you get a friend to join you, you both get $50 off. Once you complete the course, you can do it again every year, till you're 25. I did the full-time and found it overwhelming, spending an afternoon doing my nails does not thrill me. While the instructors are nice, about half the girls aren't, they're the one size fits all girls, the twigs. The atmosphere is comparable to top model, though no one gets eliminated - we all paid to be here. It's a bit scary, but don't act intimidated - don't you know that's what they want? Though that's just the second week, when most of the finishing girls have left.

We took notes during the first week, while it's great to learn from a book, like ballroom it does help to have an instructor. My favourite part was the etiquette, but could have had a lot more stuff under that heading. I did a full on analysis/review, as they wanted feedback. If you're interested in the course message me for the in-dept review.

Week One...
Day 1 - Deportment & Communication
Day 2 - Small Talk, Voice & Nail Care
Day 3 - Health & Well-being, and Day MU
Day 4 - Wardrobe & Job Interviews
Day 5 - Night MU, Hair & Etiquette    

Week 2
In week 2 we "did" were shown how to create portfolios, by the way week 2 only went for 3 days (as there were 3 girls), pose (copy the models in magazines), learnt a catwalk routine and spent about 2 days on that, and did a basic photo shoot (the photos cost extra). The 2nd part sucked and if you only do the first week you save $200. I felt as though week 2 was more for those who were model material and was a way of being introduced into the industry. 

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