@ Sunday, December 25, 2011

For my b'day (I'm old!) we're (I've planned, and haven't told the other/s yet) for a picnic. Until today it was hot, sunny and perfect for a picnic. The other day I went to four shops hunting for the perfect picnic rug, and ended up buying the first one I saw, $40 on sale, $16 from Kathmandu, though I'd like to point out that Bed, Bath n' Table have them for $20 (on sale, or $24 when not). The weather's going to be wet tomorrow, which means we'll have to cancel and go to plan B. Hope it's dry though. I can't remember the last time we had a picnic! Other than for work, as a meet the other half function.

A great picnic consists of fun & games, and food. And sometimes depending on where you are, a kite.

Sea Salt's Fish & Chips
Appletizer (fruit juice lightly sparkling)
Desserts from x (LuxBite & Burch & Purchese are closed till 6th Jan & CafĂ© Rosamond closed till 2nd Feb, no chocolate & caramel challenge)

Things to Do:
- take pictures
- play uno/taboo
- listen to music
- read
- bubbles!

Other Things to Bring:
- picnic rug
- cutlery
- hat/scarf
- first aid kit
- instant hand sanitizer
- bug replelent
- wet ones

If it does turn out to be very wet tomorrow then we'll just end up going to the fish & chips place (not your average TA only place) and dessert - tbc. I'll let him pick dessert. Something without chocolate & caramel (dental issues). Perhaps gelati at Il Dolce Freddo or The French Lettuce, bakery.

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