@ Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Had a great day, involving pretty much no work till now. I got up later than planned... and gave everyone (almost) a xmas pudding, most people liked it and thought it looked cool, one or two guys ate it right away XD. One teacher made an attempt to hug and kiss me O.o, we got her to stop in time, and she ended up with air kisses. I made 34 puddings, though it turns out I need more than that, as there were more librarians than I thought, and I gave a couple to people not on the list. Also I didn't realize so many people had kids XD, e.g. with one of my teachers he has two kids (there's picture proof on his desk btw), so I ended up giving him 4, which was unplanned, as I generally don't know much about my teachers, except mr health, but I didn't ask, I just read it in the newsletter.

Made more mini xmas puddings, bath no.4. You'd think if you stuffed it up, it would be on the first batch wouldn't you? The chocolate seized on the 4th batch, accidentally spilled less than a tsp on boiling water into the glass with the chocolate, and unfortunately I sort of thought it didn't happen and it did. And so the chocolate went funny, it couldn't be liquidized like yesterday :(, but it was still ok. It's just that it's a circle of white chocolate on the royals now, instead of like the custard of pudding which drizzles down the side of it. - Pretty sure it tastes the same anyway.

Something odd happened today, fb group? XD, a lot (5+) of the teachers said I looked nice (what I was wear, a blue dress and silver/pearls necklace), it's rare when I'm not in uniform, even mr business said I looked nice O.O. He says he liked the 2.4kg of candy I gave him, though hasn't started eating it XD, and does not plan to eat it like most guys (lots and fast). I gave ms hoh the leaf earrings ^^ (my fav person on the list to shop for, being the only girl hence I could get her something pretty), she didn't already have them like I thought, though she did have leaf earrings in silver. I got her green, gold rimmed ones - which were amazing (I really liked them), she really liked them, especially because they're the same colour as the house I'm in/she's head of. And she tried them on them :). Missed mr eng & health though, because they were away today - will see them tomorrow.

After that I went to the book shop ^^, spent about 2-ish hrs there, and bought a book for my KK and two story books that someone asked me to get for them.  I will be back another day, as I was distracted, there was a girl who was upset and kinda didn't know what to do because her 'rents didn't want her back and she was living with her abusive bf (for unknown reasons girls with abusive fathers tend to be attached to guys like that), and no adult seemed to care, she also didn't have a job and much funds to get her out of the situation. My advice to her was to talk to her consular person at her college, before they close for the yr (for us that's tomorrow) or call kids helpline, and they'll direct her.

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