@ Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Had a wonderful time with jas today. For once he was not late, which was impressive. Unlike the weather forecast - midday showers, which didn't happen. We resorted to plan C, because it said it was going to rain (plan a) and then I rang around to check if the places we were going were open, and the French Lettuce (best vanilla slice in Melbourne) was closed. plan C was to improvise and be a little last minute planning (which always scares the wedding party!).

It was a lovely day, minus the bit where, for the first time ever I didn't bring a coat and it was a little windy and cold at some parts. Being a lovely picnic perfect day we opted for take-away (not that eating there was much of an option, as it was small - though if you want to eat in, go to the Carlton one), and to find a grassy area. First stop was Sea Salt on Degraves, we bought the "For Two Pack", I love getting anything designed for two people, as I'm often on my own (e.g. college). Next, we went to "Little Cupcakes", the best cupcakes in Melbourne (I reckon), where he got the Belgium Chocolate, I had the White Chocolate & Raspberry, and brother got the Cookies n Cream (take home, he wasn't there).

Three Cupcakes

The grassy area we picked was in front of the library, a massive very green lawn, where you often find college kids on lunch breaks or taking a nap in the sun (for one). At some point a girl decided to sit within our view (not an issue) but she wore her a g-string much higher than her jeans (an issue), and that was quite disturbing. And at another point she had a towel and changed from jeans to shorts - isn't that something only acceptable in the change rooms?

Other than that nothing was wrong. We had the "For Two Pack" from Sea Salt, which consisted of: Two fresh fillets of fish of the day, two potato cakes served with a side of chips, garden salad, lemon wedge and "homemade" tartare sauce. When the sauce is professional packaged it ain't homemade, especially with the masterfoods label. The fish was great, I had mine crumbed, his was battered. I loved the potato cake. The chips were very nice in fish & chip shop terms, and I would get it again. Though the ultimate chips are from Grill'd with Lord of the Fries' Belgium Sauce. The only flaw with lunch would be the salad. There wasn't enough dressing and the lettuce tasted funny (jas had the salad), though the seagulls did enjoy it :P

Photographer: Gerrod 

Jas bought his camera, but we completely forgot to take pictures of food :P. Dessert was amazing cupcakes from Little Cupcakes. We both loved it. :) I've been to this place several times, but only had the mini each time. This time we got the standards, with the occasion that he's never had these ones before and it was my birthday. I learnt that frozen raspberry, at room temp alone wasn't nice. But I did really like the cupcake, it was moist, not dry but not wet either - the perfect cupcake, topped of with white choc cream cheese, and a finishing touch of button on top. 

White Chocolate & Raspberry

While waiting for our order at sea salt jas opened his presents and really liked them all :) I got him tea, a cute little floating duck thing (tea infuser) that you put loose tea in, a music tie (the sheet music turned out to be a piece he likes and played) and a book, on Dogs. After 16yrs of having a cat, he finally got a dog, though sadly the cat died :(. The book is great (I bought myself one too), great for anyone who wants a dog. It starts with adoption and ends at well the end sadly. Not particularly relevant, but he's quit smoking! Which is great :)

Dogs: 500 Questions Answered
- Caroline Davis -
After lunch we went shopping. I got the "Santa's Little Helper" Sequin Santa Hat from Bras N Things (they're 50% off at $10), I think it's a good idea to get a really nice Santa hat you like, as you'll use it again year after year. (They ran out of the dress, which is $30, on sale).

We stumbled upon Typo (on my shopping list yesterday) didn't find anything on my list, but I got a calender, which was nice; and he found something nice. It's a great shop for gifts for people at work, as they do stationary and the likes of that. If I can't find the calender I'll settle for this one. This one of slightly small, but the actual monthly calender it self is very small, and doesn't make the most of the space, a grid to fill the page - unlike my 2011 one.

Last year's calender was by Thomas Kinkade (he paints amazing Disney fairytale pictures!), on sale for $2. Hoping to find the same one this year. There's only one atm on ebay, but it's ten times the price I got it last time. I always get in the mini as it's easier to bring with you or be hung in your locker.

2012 Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light Mini Wall Calendar

Our last stop was Lush, on the way to the station. They have a lot of xmas stock left. And about 10 snow fairy snow gels, they're nice, but not to an extent where I would buy one. Plus I don't think you really need an $$$ shower gel, even if I did buy their soaps. I bought a magic wand, they had none at all at the other store yesterday. The other girl would have loved these, as they're also from the snow fairy range, but as a bath bubbles bomb.
Magic Wand
A reusable (5-10 shots) bubble bar star that gives mounds of sweet-smelling foam
... will leave you smelling of candy flosspear drops.

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