@ Saturday, January 07, 2012

We went to see Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows today. It was great! Highly recommended, I do prefer the 1st movie, but the 2nd is almost just as good, with more guns. My favourite part was the ending - that ends with Watson typing "The End" and someone else adding "?". The wedding parts were also very entertaining, with Holmes planning Watson's Bachelor Party, which he epically fails, though Watson has a good time doing what his wife (girl from the 1st movie) would not approve of. And then Homles, as the best man gets the role of making sure Watson gets to the wedding on time, though not in the right state XD.

After the movie, being 10pm, almost everything was closed except the Pancake Parlour (overpriced pancakes, and soda spiders for $6) and McD. In a very long time we had fries, they're amazing... and then we made the mistake of adding extra carbs and lipids with a slice of cookies n' cream aka oreo cheesecake. The base was chocolate cake, pre-packaged mix, dry and horrible. The cheese on top was a bit better, but overall it is something I'll never try again. For better cheesecakes I go to the Cheesecake Shop, or if in the CBD, the Cupcake Bakery's $4.50 strawberry cupcake-sized cheesecake.

 McDonald's Cookies n' Cream aka Oreo Cheesecake $4.00

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