@ Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Due to a possible prank call (I was just leaving when the phone rang, should have sent it to voicemail) I missed the bus and we (H & I) were 5 mins late. For us it started with the boys in a car going to Heathrow. David is going to Australia, to marry a girl he met on a holiday, he takes 3 best men along: Luke, recently dumped and depressed, Tom, mental, and Graham, who claims Hitler ruined the moustache for everyone XD. They get to Mia's parent's house, in the Blue Mountains, and that's where the fun begins. Things happen involving dressing up a sheep in drag, sticking hands up it's..., a gimp mask, a runaway floral ball hedge thing; and drugs. There's a possibly gay drug dealer hitting on Graham, who then accidentally picks up the druggie's bag instead of his own, it hilarious. It was funny, disturbing (sheep eats coke in condoms, the boys try to get it out), but sadly nothing memorable and certainly not worth $18.50 (the price of a movie ticket).

After the movie we went for coffee ^^, H ordered a cappuccino when it was 82.4 degrees outside... I got the Very Vanilla Chiller, I like it :) though like to try something difference each time (unless within distance of a Hudsons).

Lunch was next, completely with chocolates for dessert and a hunt for a bottle with H's name on it (I also found my name about 5 times on the 1.25L bottles). Being that guy who survives pretty much purely  on junk food who amazing never gains any weight, he went with KFC, while I got a snack wrap (though what I really wanted was the Fillet-o-Fish, making an effort to eat less McD).

The chocolates I enquired about last week-ish have arrived :) Sadly a disappointment to some extent though. Lindt's  Stracciatella Lindor Truffle Balls - "A White Truffle with cocoa nibs inspired by "cookies 'n cream" ice cream." On the box it says "tastes like cookies 'n' cream" it doesn't! It's just lindor white chocolate with bits of dried coconut in the shell. My fav cookies 'n' cream chocolate is still the seemingly unbeatable and very $$$ (for its size) Hershey's Cookies n' Creme. 

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