Work & Dinner @ Sunday, February 12, 2012

First day of work yesterday :), missed the training session due to lack of public transport the week before. Where did everyone go? O.o There's about 5 people I know left, everyone else has left! :( Including Ab, we sit at the same table. And Rd, a younger version and more fun version of someone else I knew. The only people I know are the "oldies", they're not old, called the 'oldies' because they've been there since the program started (more than 5 yrs ago), and are always there, every week, and Ay who came to say goodbye the last time I saw her, but she's back now. :) 

I like Post it Notes :)

After work we went shopping. I don't normally buy coke, being more of a fruit juice person; but I did this time because - it had my name on it! Coke started a new marketing strategy, to personalize their bottles and have names on them. ^^ My name being nine letters, I never thought I'd see it on a bottle, but alas it has been found!

We came upon Forever New, looking for the winter-looking coat, but being a DFO, they didn't have it. :( But what they did have was this...
Day at the Races Parasol
...and it was only $18 (great deal, esp not ordered to be shipping in from China on ebay). It's on sale cause it's last Spring's stock, and the last one :).

Next we went to Thomas Dux for cranberries, which I found delightful - the dried ones that is, the frozen ones are ewwy... And discovered they sold... Macaroons! The new cupcake. At $2 each they were perfect, next time we're getting 5 :P. They come in 8 flavours, we chose passionfruit (lavender) and lemon (the yellow one). Haven't had them yet, but the sample of passionfruit was amazing!  Edit: the ones I got were lovely - except that part where the shell was quite dry :(

Lemon & Passionfruit
Not sure why it's blurry... scaling fail on bloggers's part?

While at T.Dux we also came upon, Sweet potato chips! We didn't get it this time, but there'll be a next time. These chips are around $4 for a pack (x2 the price of normal chips), though more $exp doubt they're any healthier - still being deep fried. They're only trying to convince you it's better for you.

 After sometime we finally got where we originally planned to go  - Mimco! Sadly they didn't have any testers, so I still have no idea what the lipstick colour looks like, and I haven't tried it yet either. I got the lipstick and pencil cases with our cards.

Mimco Lipstick and Lip Gloss Gift Pack - & - Mesh Carry All in Black Holographic

For dinner originally we were going to go to asian take-away and see a show in a park, but earlier that day it rained, so just in case we went to Plan B, dinner at Grill'd with Coke and Macaroons. It didn't rain after all... 

We went to Grill'd, he had the Moroccan Lamb (pictured) and I had the Mini Moo aka Cheeseburger w/o the Cheese (or with Cheese for +$1), and I didn't eat any chips :) (Health goal of the yr: hot chips, only once a month).

Is it blogger or picnik that's making the text fade? O.o

The macaroons were great as always, though my favs are still lemon & vanilla. Cafe (coffee) was the least favourited, the flavours are too subtle. These ones are by Ch√Ęteau Blanc, they're mini sized, 12 pack, 6 flavours for $9 from Safeway/Starbucks. After dinner we went to Galactic Circus (aka Kid's Casino) for Kingpin Bowling, but I assume it was booked out, plus it's like Strike Bowling (bowling at a nightclub, it's that loud too), so we didn't go bowling. Instead we went for a walk, and watched the flaming torches along the Yarra for a while. And we got back around 11pm, had a fun night, even if no one feel into the river XD.

It was jas's birthday last week, and I got him a present. At first there were two designs I both liked, but then I found one design on ebay, so I got the other one :P. They're Oroton's signature cufflinks *pretty...* sadly no glitter. He likes it :), and will be wearing it (I hope, will remind him) to our trip to the museum next week.

It came delivered in a plain white box, with black ribbon, but I had some nice paper and felt like decorating it :P
Also love the bow thing on top - it's a lot of cones stuck together in a circle shape, in layers.

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