Phones @ Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My last phone the Samsung E1310, has retired, and will most likely be melted down and made into something else. Bought in August 2011, it last till about the end of January 2012, 5 months - making the record book of 'phone life that sucked'. I loved that it was a flip phone, nowadays it's all about slide and touchscreen. And those Blackberries that require Barbie hands to type XD. This one doesn't have Internet, a camera, speed dial or anything fancy, but it's just what I needed: talk & text, phonebook and calender/alarms.

During the last few weeks before retirement, there were a few issues:
- turns off after end of call (calling and receiving)
- missed calls, the note comes 24hr+ later (10 missed calls from work, phone excuse, not acceptable!)

The One to be Replaced - Samsung E1310

The Replacement - Nokia 2730 Classic

A little googling tells me this phone is as a claims; a classic. A basic phone with a bit of fancy. Very popular on ebay in terms of covers :). There's 3 main types: silicon, back cover only, and "leather" flip ones. I don't like the feel of leather, so we're going with the silicon at the moment. Though one review said the silicon ones often aren't good quality. We'll think about it.

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