Dvorak & Vitamin D @ Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yesterday I had a dental x-ray, apart from decay there was the presence of wisdom teeth O.o, the bottom two are on their sides... Perhaps googling it wasn't the best idea, I feel sick. I really don't like the dentist, it's not personal, I'm just don't like all thing associated with dentistry. Rather repeat final year, which in a way was one of the worst years, academically, on condition that the wisdom teeth magically disappear, then go through this. Can I send a letter of appeal to the tooth fairy? Nothings been confirmed but I'm still totally freaked out about the whole thing.

After the x-ray I passed a Goodwill (thrift shop) like shop and it was open, rare for me as during daylight I'm always in class or at work, a few months ago in the shop window they had these amazing gold antique looking picture frames, unfortunately for display only :(. They weren't on display yesterday, and so I went to enquire about them; and was told they've been moved to storage, and are reserved for display only, or after a while to be auctioned at their annual charity auction. Which means they're go for hundreds... So I didn't get the amazing frames, but I did find Moulin Rouge (still plastic wrapped) and a scribble book for $2, and this book...

The Complete Style Guide (1990)
From the Colour Me Beautiful Org

It was published in the 90s, and this one was $25 from Myer (a large department store chain, think Walmart but more pricey and with glam.). This book would have been perfect for our 90s theme dress up day (which had one girl going with the actually theme, everyone else just went with Halloween :P). There isn't much about the book online. Did they even have computers back then? I don't really remember, though I do remember big boxy computers, Apple I think, and floppy disks (to be replaced by usbs). We had a computer that had one function: games :P. Games of the Chip's Challenge (1989) era, known as the Microsoft Entertainment Pack.

While at "Goodwill" they were playing this amazing piece, Symphony No. 9 in E Minor "From the New World", Op. 95, B. 178  known as the New World Symphony. Dvořák's most popular symphony. It's the theme piece and only music used in Barbie's version of Rapunzel, or more notely known, in Paradise Roads, for those of us who were forced to study it.

When I got back there was a package waiting, containing with the yellow dress. I do like yellow, but don't wear much of it, and too much black. Yellow dresses only seem to be used for bridesmaids, but other than that you don't see them much. An underrated colour. It's not like the classic black dress everyone has, or even the red dress for dates. It's different. And can look amazing, with the right fabric and in the right cut (style). I'm attempting to get dresses in colours of the rainbow (except orange) to add a bit of colour, unfortunately there isn't much summer left. In the end I'll probably find a design I love and get them made in different colours.

I got this dress - but in canary yellow. Interestingly there's two versions. Without straps for $40, or with straps for $50. With the straps, they're more of a halter neck design (with 3 eye&hook buttons) but I got them altered into straps. Without straps, there's 3 more colours to choose from. I managed to get yellow with straps by buying it from a girl who bought the wrong size and resold it (bnwt). It's two layers, chiffon on satin and came with a matching slash. The slash that's in both designs is detachable (you tie it on).

Imagine this in canary yellow.

Did you know that yellow...?
- Shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness.
- Influences optimism and energy, as well as spark creative thoughts.
- Stimulates mental processes and the nervous system
- Activates memory
- Encourages communication

- Is the most common colour for a highlighter (nothing's worse than a textbook full of yellow)
- And reminds me of Health (subject colour coding on my timetable)

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. - Pablo Picasso
I knew someone was always the sun that brightened everyone' s day.

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