SWOTVAC - Keep Calm and Carry On @ Monday, June 04, 2012

This week is SWOTVAC. What does that mean? To me with a business background: strengths, weakness, threats, opportunities... I'm lost. Fernando says it means 'Study w/o teachers "vacation"'. :P Not sure what's happened but there isn't much study going on, just a lot of avoidance... The dr says it's the stress that's getting to me.

Anyway this week was slept mostly asleep, on Monday I had coffee at KK, entered a colouring-in competition and we had revision classes. On the way back I bought some ribbon samples. Went to the dentist on Tuesday, two fillings (one a replacement) then went to the city to pick up a mannequin, on the train we saw a cute guy, but didn't talk to him, still under anesthetic and couldn't talk. :P Wed & Thu was spent asleep.

Friday we met with the new therapist, and bought some art stuff. The glue and glitter were $2 each, yarn 80c, crown $3 and all the scrapbooking stuff and two notebooks were $1 each. The crown (not pictured), the top part is perfect for creating the template for the Q of Hearts crown. I'll make a replica in gold as well. Yarn, I don't knit, but it would be great to use a ribbon for tying up presents wrapped in brown kraft paper.

Recently in the past couple months I've been painting my nails weekly during event lectures, and as a result my nails have gotten an orange-ish stain/glow to it. Even though I use base... A lady at Priceline recommended I get Cutex's Nail Whitener. It's about $10 at Priceline ($6.50 at Chem. Warehouse) and it's a base and whitener in one. And I think it works, I have it on at the moment and you can't see the stains. It's more of a pearly translucent white then solid. Going to not paint my nails till uni resumes to avoid stains for now.

Not sure what the deal is with long nails, and why girls like them so much. But I prefer my short nails, it doesn't gather as much dirt under them and I can play the piano and violin without scratching anything, and I don't hurt myself or risk broken nails in sport. I may not be able to do a french mani or decorate the tops, but it's worth it when you weigh the frustration of nails getting in the way of life.

It's not blurry on my desktop, but somehow blogger's done something to it here...

In the later part of the week I received tickets to the Good Food & Wine Show, Australia's largest consumer food and wine exhibition. Won them through a contest, 47 entered, 3 wins, 6.38% of scoring tickets. We went on Saturday, jas (who has a better knowledge of cooking, and did a full-time cooking course) and I, and we tried lots of things, bought candy (me), showbags (him, there was no chocolate in it...) and saw a cooking demo by Maggie Beer (who jas was very keen to see). There'll be a full post on it later in the week. Tickets thanks to Thanh of I Eat Therefore I Am, a food blogger takes takes amazing pictures, and reviews more of the moderate-higher priced restaurants.

Yes my exams are this week, but the expo is related to work. In the events exam there's a part on expos.

This week I learnt not to have plans, full day plans, for both days of the weekend, as my health doesn't allow it. I missed work today :( which I was looking forwards to, an annual event - the event, not working that is. AH has a massive sale on, but from the discussion all the accessories were tangled and there were children running around destroying everything. As it's a warehouse sale, anything goes, unlike the boutique, no children and food allowed. The worse scenario is a child with a ice cream cone, 2 or more scoops, near expensive ($100+) clothing. 

Vintage Block Prints $10 from Typo

I love these silhouette, Victorian antique style things. We'll probably end up having them on our wedding stationary. They're wonderful as they're so simple in concept but the the options are limitless in terms of scrapbooking paper to use. Note that these are a bit on the small side though, 15cm x 10cms.

Clearitonline is a fantastic place to buy brands on sale, free shipping if you spend over a certain amount too I think. Delivery & Service is a hit/miss according to forum discussions. I scored a Alannah Hill coat today for a great price, considering the design and quality. A month or so ago I got the Once Upon A Time Coat in black for $500 - on sale at the boutique. On clearance sale I was very lucky to get it in red/cherry for only $125, there was only one left in my size. At the moment they only have the dark green ones left in the smaller sizes. 

Once Upon A Time Coat - Cherry

Blogger sarayh said... on June 4, 2012 at 9:06 AM  

Hey I was at the Good Food & Wine Expo on Saturday too! Love that you can say it's for study haha. My favourite section was definitely Cheese Alley... mmmm cheese.

Blogger Sue said... on June 4, 2012 at 8:17 PM  

Hahaha oh SWOT analysis! Eugh I had swotvac last week and my exams start this Friday... blehhh
That is a gorgeous AH coat! And you didn't have to go through that stress of the warehouse crowds either!!

Blogger Charlie Brown said... on June 7, 2012 at 12:10 AM  

Sarayh - Post on the food/wine expo coming up soon - as soon as mr photography emails me the pictures :P

Sue - Good Luck on your exams :) What's the warehouse crowds like? I'm picturing a scene from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. The only wh sale I've been to was Bloom, and there was about 10 people there on a Friday afternoon.

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