Wednesday - Part 2

For lunch we went for sushi, that new place we found the other week, Tokui on Lonsdale near Melb Central. I got the highly recommended tamago (egg/sweet omlette), the teriyaki chicken and the California. The egg one is definitely my favourite, though I'd like to add avocado. I have pictures of all 3 rolls, but they didn't really make the cut this week.   

After lunch we dashed around to the fashion jewellery shops, in hope of finding something fluro. It seems that pastels and fluros or brights are in this season. We also stopped by Diva to exchange a necklace and found their pink polka dot organizer on sale, for $5. I can't find a picture of it anywhere, but here it is in zebra print. There are a couple left at the Melb Central store. ;)

Bubbles is my favourite PPG.

In the afternoon we did tv interviews which was kinda cool, we went through casting calls, and an ad for mascara. The funny thing was that the word 'mascara' was not on the script :P but then again it's a tv ad so you would see the product. Amazingly I remembered all the words! :) And didn't stuff up that much or laugh.

As there aren't any movies out at the moment that we wanted to see le beau picked 'Bad Teacher', which I had been meaning to rent, but never got around to it. It was amusing but nothing deep, or that memorable, I do recommend seeing it though.  


On the way to class I saw some sort of pro-solar power demonstration. Cool costumes.

Parading around for most of the day, I do believe we also did something else, but I don't remember what it was... Colette gave us a list of agencies for act/model/extra. I'm only interesting in being an extra :P She did the hair consultation, and did recommendations. Something interesting she said (I was there the first time she said it, I just have no memory of it) was that supermarket brands (as in any shampoo/conditioner sold at the supermarket) was bad for your hair as they have bad silicons that coat your hair in a waxy substance, so your hair may look good, but it ain't - like those waxy apples at the supermarket. 

I finally figured out what the Q on styling was that I wanted to ask was. Guess? 

After class I took a different route to the station and couldn't resist stopping at a book shop on the way, an hour later and I picked one book to purchase. It's one of those books that pretty much picture books, no much info, just pictures. This isn't one of Trinny & Susannah's best works. I also found two other interesting books, Bright Angel by Isabelle Merlin (which I have) and 101 Reasons to Shop.

There's something wrong with the lighting...


Last day of a week of modelling training! The others would prefer to stay on rather then do real school. It would suit the girls who say they can't read and don't want to write. :P I liked school, back when I was there, even if a majority of the kids were mean to me. At the parade (the final one :) someone's grandma bought a miner's quality touch and used it as the flash... that or it was the biggest flash I've ever seen. le beau was invited by he said hell no, as he's against the whole thing and said those girls are bad.

How to make things awkward: walk into the lunchroom where there's one person (me) eating alone while reading a book, with your friends (5/6 who hate me) and then say 'awkward'. Well it is now that you've said that, well done. There's nothing wrong with just ignoring me.

There was 3 routines, with different outfits. Casual, themed and "formal". Outfits can be summarized as blah, nothing interesting. Disappointing, as we could have done something amazing. For the theme "we" read: head bitch and her bff, chose 'Fluro' as like highlighter colours. I'm not cool with that, but for once didn't comment. As the task of finding commonalities in our wardrobes is impossible. If you picked fluro you better have a great outfit. Nope, one of them decided just to wear a pink ribbon around her head and call that fluro. I don't wear fluro and never will, fortunately Lily lent me her fluro necklace, and I had a hot pink headband, so it actually went well. With that I wore a lacy 3/4 sleeved top and long lacy skirt, the top had a deep square necklace, but because of the soft fabric it looked good. And the neckline style was perfect for the necklace I wore. For the "formal" outfit I wore a royal blue jersey dress, like this one, but the neckline doesn't go that far.
Formal Dress Necklace

Friday night was spent going through photos, all 258 of them. Upload, 1st round deleting, a few more rounds. Edit, crop, add text, add rounded edges. Those that didn't make the blog that were amazing will be on tumblr. Or be saved for a future post, or like cupcakes this week they'll get their own featured picture post.

Finally took a picture of my favourite packaged noddles.
I think it's more of the memory than taste, that I like.

Dessert. Cadbury Mini Drops, m&ms in an egg form.
Was an Easter special, but have been added to their line of non-seasonal products.
But these are special, as they're Olympic edition. Normally they're m&m coloured.

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