De Castella Run 2012 @ Sunday, September 02, 2012

Setting the alarm off at 4am, it was around 7.30 before I actually arrived at work. It was cold outside... but then most events are outdoors. As you won't find a track/route inside that goes for miles, unless you count running around a track in a gym fun, with scenery or at least something other than people to take pictures of. With spring approaching (though the weather here ranges between winter and spring within a day, and sometimes hours) events are increasing. Last week's event was the De Castella Run, a fun run (open to interpretation) 5/10/15km. There were lots of age groups, being a family-friendly event, and we were done by noon.

Top picture is of the shirts, we wore.

2k of Showbags

There was a range of jobs available, I do like filling up cups - but I do have a tendency to make them perfectly aligned and that disturbs people a bit, so I try not to do the drink stations. For this event I did showbag distribution. At first we only gave them to people with bibs (they should really come up with a new name for that) which are pretty much number plates sporting events. But towards the end we realized that there were twice as many showbags as they were people (who wanted one).

Our location was opposite the finish line.
Picture was taken before the event, for a better people free view.


As it was family friendly event (with kids walking the 5kms) there was an animal farm with sheep, a calf, a goose, a few chickens, piglets, hamsters/guinea pigs and bunny rabbits :). There was also a face painter and jumping castle. Unfortunately I was dry clean only and so didn't touch anything or go on the jumping castle. :P

What's this? Some sort of chicken, but very fluffy & white...
I believe it's called a 'Silkie', a breed of chicken, I've only ever seen it online.

I love pizza...

... especially seafood!
Though around $20, it's a treat, rather than something you get often.
For a more financially-friendly version I go to Panned Pizza.

Lunch was courtesy of Crust Pizza, Kew. All the people who ran also got I think it was either 50% off or BOGOF (buy one, get one free). All the other volunteers/events team were lovely to work with :) And the weather was nice too fortunately, it was a bit cold when I got there, but by lunchtime the sun was shinning (as seen in the pictures above) and it was warm.

Text here glitched and died. :(

Showbags & Other Things

The above is 3 showbags worth of stuff and some freebies. Volunteers got water, chips and the nuts bar. Participants got a healthy cookie, go natural protein nut bars and corn thins. As always there was lots of flyers/discount papers, mainly for all sport things related. Pink/grey thing is a band of some sort you wear when exercising and you don't want to carry anything. I love sour cream & onion chips. :P

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