Last Week in Pictures @ Thursday, September 06, 2012

I do try not to get behind in posts, but it's difficult when I have projects in every subject, and on top of that there's still a pile folder of lectures to watch. How do you keep up? I'm a fantastic planner, though rarely follow through with the schedule. Starting to realize that if there's lag I don't really remember the details of the past week, and so next time I'll write the post and then do the pictures later on.

Monday Dinner - Silver Dory


An early breakfast before class on Wednesday.
Had a voucher for free pancakes ;)


Cool deco at the Pancake Parlour, Melb Central.

An early finish on Thursday meant a chance to shop :)
Love this necklace - but don't let it touch your skin, it'll tarnish easily.

Colette's having a 50% off sale.

Friday with Emily = Shopping + Couponing Duo + Food
Saw an asian guy doing this amazing painting with water on Swanston.

We were running late, so the day started with lunch for Emily, brunch for me.
- iphone photo of slightly eaten food -
After we did our Bourjois & freebies/samples rounds.

Free short stacks. This time with chocolate ice cream. ;)
Lovely service from the guy who does the American accent very well. As an American I really miss couponing, something that everyone does back home. And no they don't often treat you like a criminal, as everyone does it - unlike here half the time.

After lunch we went to ClearIt Online Offline. Hoarder's Delight. Mainly overpriced junk. We were planning to also go to the AH Sale in Richmond, but ran out of time. Lovely service from most of the staff, most notable girl with the Hawaiian tattoo. Unfortunately the checkout girl with the purple hair and glasses was very unpleasant, and it's unlikely we'll be returning. She has an attitude problem, charged me for an item I didn't want, was rude about the refund and overall charged me double on one of my purchases. I'm used to being treated badly (something that often happens with female SAs & couponing/samples) but it's normally not this bad. Something else management should look at is prices - upstairs we were told a certain bag was $5 by two girls, at the checkout it was $25, as she said that label was not included in the sale. The bottom line: not worth a trip across town, but if you're in the area then go for it - accessorise that is, clothes are just too overwhelming, jammed onto racks.

Our trip was slightly successful, nothing in the clothing department, some good finds under accessories.

AH I Feel Nothing Hat $5
*regrets not buying a couple more*

Untagged AH headband - purple hair girl took the tags!
I do believe this is the item she charged me double for.
Isn't it strange that AH's names often have nothing to do with the product?

An assortment of headpieces & sunglasses $10.
A few missing feathers on the bk flower & no clip on the bigger bk bow.
The lovely DSLR pictures were taken on a weekend morning...

...unlike this picture, dim lighting + mini camera = fail
Emily's purchases. From ClearIt she bought a bk/red stripe scarf (the box said $2, but purple girl charged her $5), gold purse $5 (love that, but I don't see myself using it) and the union jack handbag ($5, missing clip that doesn't really affect the function). I really do like that bag, but once again don't see myself using it so I encouraged Emily to get it. Scored three bargains from Bourjois with their $10 off voucher, the 3pk for $10, concealer for 40c and the mascara/eye shadow base for $5.60. From Bourjois I bought a red nail polish, no.24 for 40c.

To conclude our day we had dinner at Wonton House on Swanston. Standard asian level service, minimal, though faster than usual being dinner time. As seen above Emily had tofu & veggie noodles, possible review to come, though she did say the veggies was a bit much. She also had a iced jelly drink of some sort, no decent pictures were taken.

I opted for something familiar. Fish ball egg noodle soup. Lovely as always, it's the soup that provides all the flavour of this dish. I'd like to try this in a stir-fry version. Add some oyster and peanut sauce and it'll be amazing.

For father's day we bought a cake, and of course someone comment on my weight.

Durian Cake (I'm that strange white person who actually likes the smell of real durian), from Cake World, $14 using an ourdeal voucher. Please don't buy this for the full price! Service level slightly lower than average for an asian ran franchise. Note that the cake board is made from the low quality Coles brand chocolate, for max profit and because they're asian. Yes someone has pointed out I'm a little bit racist towards asians. No I don't really have an issue with them, though tend to move fast when we're forming groups - last semester they put me in the international asians group - communication on low, spelling&grammar check on high. 

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