Our Last IT Session @ Friday, November 09, 2012

Edit: I finally sent the laptop away for repairs so we were afk for more than a week. Very behind in posts.
This post was meant to be posted Tuesday 16th Oct.

This week unlike last I arrived a couple hours before class and went through notes for the presentation. I worked with H, and a guy who's pretty competitive. Though communication fail we didn't end up doing any rehearsals. But the guy in the group did remember to bring the presentation slides. We kinda had an unspoken fight over who was going to hand it in, as in two of us both wanted to hand it in. I let him have it - just this once. He found the template we were meant to use after he sent it in... fantastic. The version of the project I was working on I used the template. He also changed the background, layout and font on the slides, but fortunately did change them back rather than have me yell at him in front of the whole class. Other than that, the group work went ok. Lots of frustration, but fortunately no reflection required. 

The presentation itself as always could have been better. Firstly "we" planned to all wear black/navy suits. Well that failed, as I was the only one, and with the amount of make-up on (I normally don't wear make-up or heels) and the outfit, plus an overdose in perfume, I felt like a hooker. I did the intro, read too much from the notes, and talked too much (7/10 minutes), the guy didn't talk enough, use the notes I gave him, missed a slide and skipped a bit. And no.3 the girl did well. We got 7/10.

Headpiece of the Week
I like to wear big headpieces on Mondays. ;)
This week with the theme of horses I wore a top hat. 

My favourite part, other than my opening line "Though who say money can't buy happiness simply don't know where to shop..." (linked that to ecommerce), was an attempt for audience interaction. I used a Q to link it to the info, not a rhetorical Q guys. I asked the Q and waited for a response. Crickets. *stares at H* And she realized this is he part XD and I'm relying on her to answer the Q. As Austin's marking the presentation he can't actually participate in the Qs. The question was if anyone's been to Priceline recently and to name some of the brands they saw there. Linked that as an example to the business to business (B2B) model of e-commerce.

Our Project was on eCommerce
With the case study on Amanda Jane Horsewear.
That's Amanda above with her horse Belle.

Isn't it strange that during the semester you think it's never going to end, but at the end you look back and wonder how time flew by? With the exception of that dreaded maths class of course. Today was one of those days. It wasn't that long ago I that I recall first meeting Austin. My first two thought being 1. he's thinner than me 2. he's kinda cute. And now hopefully I'm never going to see him again (I don't mean that in a mean way, but seriously if I see him again it's going to be cause I failed the subject and am repeating).

Has anyone ever asked for a picture of you when you weren't in costume? How do you react to that? Often I find people pretend to text and snap pictures of you w/o you knowing anyway :P At least that's the normal approach. Me, I'm strange, while it does take a bit of nerve, I'll ask for a photo anyway. And that's how the interesting part of the evening went, after Austin said I seriously needed to chill out (about the presentation and life in general) as he's pretty laid back, though still turns up to class in a very presentable form; and by that I mean he dresses not in sweats, and has high levels of hygiene, including clean nails.  Did I even mention he's the perfect height? Emily says he's short, well perhaps, compared to the average guy. But as I'm super short at 5"1' he's about a head taller than me, and that's what I define as the perfect height. Le beau is much taller than me about 30cm/11.9 inches. 

Anyway, as always I like to freak people out a little, starting with "I'm going to ask you something and if you decided to run that's totally cool" XD. What most people would think: "Dear god... I think she's going to ask me out". Umm... no. That's not my intention - not even drunk me. Drunk me would just want to go dancing in this particular case. And so with that line Austin went all dark and serious (not that he's always happy like Hector, he's just meh most the time), expecting me to ask something that makes him want the ground to open up and swallow him. XD I just want a picture, because I think I've got partial prosopagnosia, and unless I spend lots of time with someone I don't tend to really remember what they look like. E.g. If Austin's not in the same room as me I don't remember what he looks like, other than a vague description. Also I recognize people through their clothing style, hairstyle, glasses, voice, and not face. Oh and he said yes. :) A bit lighting fail, but I think photoshop can fix it. I think I'll start a book of picture with pictures of people I like, Hector's next. :P

By the way is anyone after a 'I (heart) Spreadsheets' mug? Saw them on sale at DJ, Bourke St in the Men's section, for only $5, those novelty mugs are usually $15-20. 


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