Cupcake Central Workshop @ Thursday, December 06, 2012

As part of VIP Day at Melbourne Central, Cupcake Central (the one near the food court, not Kikki K) offered a fun cupcake decorating workshop for the first 30 to sign up. I signed up around lunch, before a meeting and was no.8, which I was happy with. As there wasn't enough space the group was divided into two, and each had a 30 minute cupcake decorating workshop. *Wished they told us that earlier, that way I'd do the workshop at 6.30 and do the treasure hunt before it.* 

Sheryl, the co-founder of Cupcake Central demonstrated how to make a Christmas pudding out of fondant (tastes like sugar, used on wedding/novelty cakes) for the first group, and a snowman for the 2nd group.

Christmas Pudding Fondant on the Right

Model Cupcakes

Some girls (there was only one boy, where are all the boys? O.o) attempted the snowman, but most just went with something flat made out fondant, or a bit of buttercream. The lady on my left made the snowman. 

As with anything involving creativity I was overwhelmed with so many ideas,
didn't know what I was doing and started out with brown stars...

... and ended up making a Christmas tree, not using brown stars :P

I started with buttercream as glue, a white circle of fondant as a base, green buttercream tree. A dot of cream buttercream to stick a red fondant star in, and then added confetti sprinkles (I love sprinkles!) and those tiny silver balls.

Icing to cake ratio 2:1

Maybe that wasn't a good idea after all - but it seemed a good idea at the time... I have no idea what the cake tasted like, as I could only taste the buttercream. In the future I'd like to try flavours like tiramisu, vanilla custard and dulce de leche. I love how Cupcake Central sells most things in regular size (4.50) and mini (2.50), that way you can buy more small ones. :)

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Blogger Pork Chop's Nest said... on December 6, 2012 at 8:58 AM  

OH i loveeee Cupcake Central. :) can't wait for the kids to do a kids workshop with them.

Blogger In The Night Sky said... on December 6, 2012 at 11:01 AM  

Your cupcake looks fantastic! To be honest, I think you got the ratio of frosting to cake right ;)

Blogger Me Likey a Lot said... on December 7, 2012 at 10:31 PM  

This looks fantastic! So many things to choose from to decorate :)
I love Cupcake Central as well - Sheryl is so talented!
K xx

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