Secret Santa 2012 @ Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Thursday my KK arrived :)
At first I said I wouldn't open it, but that partly failed. Only opened the parcel, but didn't unwrap it. To avoid temptation it's now in the cupboard where I can't see it. Hopefully I'll forget about it till Christmas. I know the flat square is a giftcard to a bookshop though. Not sure who my KK is, but I think I know. We have one piece of evidence, which may or may not be correct. :P Edit: My guess was correct! :) 

My lovely SS got me Marc Jacob's Daisy which I love, perfect timing too, as I was going to buy it myself. She was very generous and also sent me a giftcard to Dymocks, as she couldn't find the book on my wishlist. :)

On the slightly more interesting side, the girl I got as my receiving SS is a blogger :) And yes she did blog about it, with decent (for an unedited version) pictures too. I'm so glad she liked what I got her. She doesn't know who I am, but I gave her hints. I don't know what the camera did with the pictures, but I can't fix the 'cloudy-ness' of it. :(

I do like Monograms. If you're wondering what the elephant head/paws are, it's a hand puppet for C's expecting child. That and C likes elephants in the way that I love cute little bunny rabbits.

C & I have do have mutual readers, no one tell her, she'll figure it out eventually. ;)
When she finds the clue in the box. Slightly wished I literally stuck it in the box now. :P

Blogger Krissy said... on December 17, 2012 at 9:45 AM  

Ohh I did read C's post about her secret santa! So it was you huh.. ;) dont worry I wont say anything. But you were spot on with the gifts, very cute!

Good on you for not opening your present!! I dont think I could resist! haha

Blogger kittylove said... on December 17, 2012 at 7:46 PM  

I must say, the clue is tricky, I still can't figure it out! The elephant puppet is gorgeous.

Blogger Charlie said... on December 17, 2012 at 7:57 PM  

Kitty, the popsicle clue or the one in the box? For the 2nd one you'll actually need to package to find it :P

Blogger Cabaret said... on December 22, 2012 at 9:49 AM  

No one tell her doesn't work when I follow your blog, HAHA.

*pokes out tongue*

See, now I can actually thank the proper person, so thank you for the lovely gifts :)

The cloudy-ness of the pictures is my old phone's camera, I don't own a digital camera and I did put up that blog posts two days before I got a new phone, and that old phone was really on it's last leg, it's a miracle that the pictures actually saved after being taken at all.

ALSO, now I know how you knew who I am. I was scouring through my blog trying to figure out how you would work it out, then for a while I thought you were one of my customers, then I forgot so gave up by default. Now I know.

Also, I give up on the box clue, what was the box clue?

Blogger Charlie said... on December 24, 2012 at 12:16 AM  

You found me :P how'd you guess/work it out? Or did you just look up to see if anyone used your photos and find me that way? :P (Yes there's a way to do that). Alternatively you checked out which bloggers on the list were American?

I'm so glad that you liked what I got you! :)

For a phone's camera that's a pretty good picture (I swear my phone camera's black & white - I'm not a phone person). XD

The box clue (I thought that's how you found me :P): If you're like me you would have flipped through the notepads, or if not then when you get around to using them you would find my card in there somewhere. ;)

Blogger Cabaret said... on December 29, 2012 at 7:20 PM  

HAHA, I haven't flipped through them, I just started using them (well one, I'm trying not to waste them by drawing all over them at once)

Nope, I "figured it out" by reading your blogt. I cheated.

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