Recaps of 2012 - February @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It was the first time I used Lush, I had a bath with Satsumo Santa and a Magic Wand, that sounds dirty :P but isn't meant to... anyone want to have a go at rewording that? I did enjoy Santa ;) and might repurchase that again, though I didn't see it this Christmas. The wand I liked, but I wouldn't recommend. Doesn't make much bubbles

I visited Hector, and had some lovely dumpings along the way. At a place I go past daily for the past few years but have never had the opportunity to dine at.

We took a road trip to the country (according to me) or borderline bushfire zone (according to Freud). And on the way we stopped at Northland where I discovered the 'happy lab'! Unfortunately there aren't any stores in the city - yet.


Day at the Races Parasol 18.00

Bought a lovely parasol from Forever New. I've always wanted a lace parasol (preferably in black) but never seen one for a good price. Once bought one from ebay and they upped the postage to $45, reported it and the user got their account suspened, but I didn't get the parasol in the end.

I discovered Thomas Dux sold macarons. The lemon yellow ones are my favourite.
They have around 14 flavours, including coffee and rose & lychee.

 Ian died, he was 26. They buried him on the 18th.

New year, new school. During orientation I came upon these lovely roses.

Had dinner with jas before seeing a double bill. 
I'm not really into abstract plays or art. 
I prefer Shakespeare and Monet.

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