Recaps of 2012 - June @ Sunday, January 06, 2013

Bought these Vintage Block Prints $10 from Typo. I love the concept of the silhouette in a frame. We have yet to find a proper home for them. 

 Alannah Hill - Once Upon a Time (Cherry)

Bought another winter coat (my 2nd), it's the same as the once I bought in May - except in red, and it was only $125 from Clear It Online

We (Jas, the foodie, and I) went to the  Good Food & Wine Show. Jas went fangirl mode XD. I re-discovered I love duck, and of course Jas had to say something dirty about it. :P 

At I show I found 'Mini Melts, which is a version of 'Dippin' Dots' - something we had at home. I love those little balls of ice cream, and introduced them to jas (BOGOF offer, but seriously if he didn't want it, I'd eat both). 

I started the first of my collection of the 'Keep Calm' series. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to drill a hole in the wall or destroy the vintage imported wallpaper... 

Shopping with Emily. I bought this lovely card, which I framed and gifted to Lily. Also bought a few headbands during the trip. 

Organized my folders and found a picture I commissioned of me, as an angel.

Watched 'The Legend of Korra', the new avatar, after Aang 'The Last Airbender' died. 

Stripe Peplum Shirt $30 - Portmans

One lucky day I bought my favourite work skirt. I do like peplums. 

Had my first attempt at macarons. 
We failed, and instead made chewy/hard almond cookies. 

Worked at my first expo event (working, not attending as a guest), Comic Con. Tip: don't sign up for set up, the day before the event starts, packing show bags isn't fun. 

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