Recaps of 2012 - May @ Saturday, January 05, 2013

I visited Hector and asked him 'Where do white rabbits come from?' 

Made my first Alannah Hill purchase.

RIP Picnik. We moved to PicMonkey. 

Had a chest xray, I had a nightmare where someone hurt me pretty bad, and when I woke up my ribs still hurt. The dr recommended an xray, they didn't find anything.

Once Upon A Time Coat
Bought my first winter coat, from AH. 

Had a trip that involved going past my old college, 
and we couldn't resist stopping by the local candy store. 

Met Jas for dinner, and went for a stroll, past a bridge that looked like something in Paris with its lamps. Didn't have my good camera with me, that an I'm not good at night shots.

Brunch at Little Cupcakes.
Picture of the year taken by my mini camera. 

An event, RSPCA Million Paws Walk. I do like dogs. At the tram stop near the place there was Mart 130, a cafe where I'd like to go sometime. Overpriced, but I'd like to go there just once, for their corn fritters (18). 

 Lunch with Miss M at DogNation. 
Last time I saw her before she went home to HK.

Went to my first warehouse sale at Bloom with Emily. 

 Started my 'Queen of Hearts' Halloween costume, which failed as the costume failed to come through. On the other hand customer service at Bras'n'Things is fantastic.

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