Recaps of 2012 - November @ Friday, January 11, 2013

Had the IT exam. I passed! The best subjects are those that let you bring notes into the exam :P except maths, where an open book exam wouldn't help. Someone drew a picture of me. :) 

 Tried Schnitz's chips. Crispy, golden, crunchy. But a bit too oily. Grill's is still the best. 

 Red Current Rebel

Bought my first candle, from Mimco. Not recommened, they're not that good. You won't notice the scent unless you leave the room and come back. Better to get a Glasshouse. 

(L-R) Buffalo Chicken - Vanilla Slice - Butter Chicken.
Went to 'Bao Now' really liked it. I'll be back. 

 Won a prize for a competition on facebook. Henry the Hippo says hi. 

Won 420 sachets of soup! 

Had cake, I love cake! My favourite is the cream sponge. 
Using the Groupon vochure I got this from cake World for $14. 

 We ventured outside, then remembered I'm allergic to grass.
Being outside makes me itchy, though it's much worse when I don't moisturize. 

 Took a card making class.

 Made Pink Ribbon Cookies.  

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