How to Make Friends... or Not - Part 2 @ Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12th Tuesday - Not this week, not ever.

Saw Austin today, or rather he saw me and then went in the opposite direction. Accidentally called him Austin! Eek! That isn't his real name. He looked mad so I said don't worry I'll ask next time. But I ended up asking his to join me for coffee as friends anyway. He said he was very busy at the moment. And then I ran off (literally - I was late for class).

An analysis was done. Define busy.
The joys of personalized stationary. :P 

Found him after class and gave it to him. He said c, I'm over thinkng it. I pointed out that I'll ask him again later on (in a few weeks) and asked if what he really meant by busy was: not this week, not ever. Or perhaps if he would ever say yes, he said no. 

Conversation no.3. I asked him why not? 
He said "Depends what you actually meant by coffee..." and then said...
1. he's engaged (ok...)
2. mutters something about being anti ST r'ships (Not interested... been there done that)
3. he's not on campus much being PT (I'm only there once a wk)

Nice to know he thinks I like him in a creepy disturbing way. That and perhaps he missed the 'as friends' but when I asked. Will point this out next week. And I thought guys were simple, didn't plan games and mean exactly what they say...

I'm not going to take no as an answer. Emma said that's that rapists say O.o XD. It's just coffee. And if you're wondering why I'm so persistent, it's because I'm like that. I have a high tendency to get what I want. That and I really do want to be friends with Austin, or perhaps have coffee once just to find out we have absolutely nothing in common.

Blogger Krissy said... on March 20, 2013 at 1:42 PM  

If he keeps saying no, just leave it. The only reason I would keep persisting with a guy is because I like him as more than a friend! And don't you already have a boyfriend? :P

....and now its time for a story lol

When I was at uni I was friends with a guy in my course and I really thought he liked me but he was always reserved every time I asked him to have lunch with me or hang out after uni...and I kept not taking no for an answer! Anyway he ended up distancing himself from me more and more and at the end of the year I asked him if he ever liked me and he said "no, because you were too full on - I was happy being just friends in class" etc etc - something along those lines.
So the moral of the story is, don't waste your time with someone who's not willing to put effort into your (potential) friendship.

Blogger Krissy said... on March 20, 2013 at 1:47 PM  

Ps - I just saw your reply to my comment on one of your other posts - and yeah I did first year business at VU! I'm really curious to know who this is!! Haha ... tell me ;)

Blogger Charlie said... on March 21, 2013 at 4:04 PM  

I hate losing. Very determined to win whatever it is, whether it be a certain part of a group project or in this case to convince someone to be my friend.

It's nice that he's cool with being friends in class :) Austin never talks to me in class unless he has to. Oh he knows I'm crazy scary - he's seen my reaction to a group member deciding to skip a few slides on a presentation I spent hours working on.

My mentor suggested the same thing, that whoever that person is they ain't worth it, a few years ago I would have agreed, but making and keeping friends is extremely difficult for me. And then we have the friends who never initiate anything, and it's not because the friend is pushing it to see how needy/clingy I am, it's simply in his nature. That particular friend is like that with everyone. Though I do believe in girl world if you don't speak within a fortnight it's over. :P

I'm not posting his name, email me. ;) My email is on the sidebar. You might know him. Hint: There's a link between what I call him (Austin) and his real name. But so far no one has been able to figure it out.

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