For our 3rd anniversary (March 20th) I made le beau this card. It was originally meant to be for V-Day but I gave him a sneak peak of part of it instead, along with the blue polka-dot  gold birds card.  

This was inside the bird card...

... it was connected to a heart that said '... to be continued'.

Card no.2 started with a blue heart, that was linked to fluffy white clouds...

'Come Fly with Me' is one of le beau's favourite songs.

On the lock's latch it's meant to say 'You hold the key to my heart'.
- this picture was taken before I added it -

le beau naturally loved the card :)

Here's the templates I used, it's not that hard. I found the hardest part was deciding which papers to use and to see of it all goes well together. Not sure why the original picture looks the way it does - as the card and silver plane aren't connected to the garland, instead it's just photo styling deco. The picture is actually two separate cards.

As always I've edited the card a bit. The heart clouds were hard to cut out (try cutting out two identically wobbly clouds!) so instead I used scalloped edge scissors and only cut three. On the back I "cut out" (already had, pre-made) blue hearts that were smaller than the white hearts, to sandwich the twine. My 2nd edit was the locket, instead of cutting out the keyhole after I stuck the three pieces together, I stuck some gold paper (same one I used for the birds) between the patterned purple paper and lavender center. Oh and I added glitter of course. :P 

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