VIP Skin Care Party @ Lush @ Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Friday night we (Lily & I) went to a VIP Skincare Party at Lush, where we had a facial massage, mask treatment, in-depth consultation and got to make a product.

First were shown how to make Angels On Bare Skin (Face Cleanser) which was fun as everyone got to participate. It also Lush's best seller. To make it first a bunch of powders and liquids are combined (till of a dough like consistency), then it's kneaded, rolled out into a sq/rectangle, (sprinkled) covered in lavender, rolled up (I did this :P) and  divided into containers. We all got to take a tub home. :) Unfortunately no picture were taken as we were all wearing gloves and face masks (OH&S, rather than the thing was toxic). But here's a short clip on how it's made in bulk. 

While you could make this yourself at home it won't be very economical unless you make/use lots. Much like candle making, it's cheaper just to buy the product. But if you're up to it here's a recipe. 

After creating the cleanser we did in-depth consultation, where the lovely girls recommended products that suited us. I have sensitive oily/dry schizo combo and was recommended: 
a. Angels on Bare Skin - Cleanser
b. Breathe of Fresh Air - Toner
c. Celestial - Moisturizer
d. BB Seaweed - Face Mask
e. Full of Grace - Serum 

Then we had a mask treatment, I tried the BB Seaweed, which was tricky to apply due to its consistency, a slightly moist paste, but nothing remotely creamy. You leave that on for 15 minutes but not more than 20. 

Next we cleansed with a warm towel and Ro's Conditioner, and had facial massages, using Full of Grace which was used as a serum, that smelt amazing. But it was too oily for my liking, plus in this weather it melts pretty fast. It was a bit scary (being someone who doesn't like being touched) but I survived. And finally the last step, we moisturized with Celestial, which smells amazing and is for sensitive skin. Unfortunately it makes me oily. 

Lily also decided to try some of Lush's Emotional Brilliance products, the names are pretty cool, but I can't tell what it actually does. Turns out they're eye liners/shadows and lipsticks - not all in one. It depends on the name. As the packaging bottles are the same I can't tell which is which. 

While Lily was choosing between colours, I checked out the conditioners. I've been meaning to get one but it's not exactly a top priority, with work being overwhelming atm. The Big Solid Conditioner was pretty cool, it's dough like and meant to dissolve into your hair. Being a hot day there's a chance it would melt as soon as we stepped outside. So I went with a bottle Veganese. Which is designed for fine oily hair. Remember to only use it only below your ears, as the top/roots already produce their own oil.

Showbags! I do love showbags, though I think the correct term is 'goodie bag'. This one wouldn't have been that bad to pack (we once did 20k showbags for Comic-Con, mainly flyers). Inside was... Moon and Sun (Toner/Steamer) a sample of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (like a conditioning body wash, that you use after you complete your in-shower routine), Putty for your Hands (Moisturzing Hand Soap), Catastrophe Cosmetic (Fresh Face Mask) and the Angels on Bare Skin we made.

Goodie Bags - Veganese 

We had a great time and the lovely ladies were very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend you attend the VIP Friday Events (there'll be more in the future we're told) and bring a friend. Great for Lush newbies or anyone after recommendations. :) 

Catastrophe Cosmetic - Face Mask 

Lush's Fresh Face Mask have a lifespan of 3wks, this one has about a week to go, so we're using it daily. Be careful when opening it, as it may have separated  some of the liquid from clay, just mix it together. 

The mask itself was lovely straight from the fridge, and smelt amazing. It was hard not to eat it! As I do love blueberries. Application wise it went on well, being of a creamy past consistency. My skin felt tighter when on, and it dries up on your face. Interestingly there's a powdery talc like layer afterwards... Dislike. You'll need to thoroughly wash your face twice. 

While I do like this mask I don't see myself purchasing it, as I don't think it does anything, and I didn't like the powdery residue.   

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