Sapa Hills v.2 @ Tuesday, April 30, 2013

After class on Tuesday (23rd) jas & I had dinner at Sapa Hills. It turns out the manager remembers me and doesn't recognize me from my accent alone. :P Which is how I would have thought people remember me, as the first thing I recognize about someone who is meant to be familiar to me (unless I have seen them many many times) is their voice. Visual recognition of style & silhouette then settles in and then very slowly and not so often facial recognition. Anyway... Jas took about half of these pictures. You can figure out which by the angles, and features.  

Complimentary Tea  

Jas liked the tea, which he said was a white tea with hints of something... I forget sorry, next time I'll write it down. As he promises he'll message me reviews but never does. If we are to get a review out of him it's only possible there and then.

Le Menu

A picture compensating for the bad picture of the noodle soup. I did have a coughing fit through dinner and was sick, so that did affect my photographic performance.

Custard Apple Drink 4.00

Drinks.They completely forgot about it till I reminded them at the end. Though I'll let it pass as they were quite busy that night. I ordered the apple custard drink, they sent out the avocado and insisted it was the custard apple... And yet it was green... But we soon fixed it up after I got jas to taste it (I'm allergic to avocado). I did insist it wasn't the one I wanted, but the waiter didn't seem to understand me. The custard apple wasn't as nice as I recall, though I still did like it. Wouldn't order it again though.

No. 56. Beef in Wild Betel with Vermicelli 12.00  

Jas order no.56 one of my favourite dishes with my recommendation, though unlike me he dunked dipped the beef rolls in the fish sauce which was hot (chilli, though I've never tasted it I can smell it). He really liked it and recommends it too. 

Pho tai 9.00 

Meanwhile I went ordered a noodle soup, which was nice. Average, I've had better. Initially I wasn't going to get the noodle soup, but soon after getting in the car I launched into a coughing fit (my excuse for the bad picture above) that didn't stop till I got home around 10.30pm. And so I thought the soup would help, it didn't. I wouldn't recommend pho here. For pho it's best to go to a pho eatery - even though they don't look as nice - the restaurant/eatery that is. 

Fried Ice Cream 6.00
- Photo of the Week - 

For dessert we had fried ice cream, jas went for the maple syrup while I got chocolate. Doesn't matter what you pick as it's quite subtle. Vanilla ice cream fried in a ball of coconut batter (wording...) I found the coconut a bit much honestly. Though I did enjoy the ice cream. :P Recommended  Only if you're not allowed to eat anything deep fried. ;) Otherwise no, I'd prefer to go elsewhere for dessert. 

Overall I'd highly recommend Sapa Hills as a place for lunch/dinner with friends or a casual date. But don't order the pho. Here's another review I did a few months ago.

What's your favourite Vietnamese place?

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