Nuts about Coffee - Blackburn @ Sunday, May 05, 2013

One summer afternoon we met up with Toby for coffee at a little cafe that I had seen from the train (discovered that day that I got on the wrong train :P). Haven't posted about it till now as I was hoping to go back to get more pictures, but I rarely ever go there and the one time I did there were too many people. I prefer places were there aren't many people. 

Location - Opposite Blackburn Station

While I don't remember how much the mochas are, I think they're around 3.50.
 And they always come with a nut slice. :P Service is always friendly, 
and they had make coffee in about two minutes. 

They sell nuts, lots of nuts, dried fruits and loads of popcorn (green bags).

At the front there a cute little area with a giant teddy bear.

In the back there's a cozy corner.

Toby ordered a cappuccino.
It was pretty and made picture of the month. 
Also possibly in the running for one of the top food pictures of 2013.

Meanwhile being a hot summers day I ordered a chocolate milkshake.
It was nice, I would get it again, though my favourite milkshakes are from Hudsons.

Mocha with Nut Bar - taken on another occasion.
I do like the mochas here. :)

Have you discovered any little cafes along the train line? 

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Blogger Cabaret said... on May 5, 2013 at 11:35 AM  

I used to work just up the road from there. Always looked forward to my morning coffee from Nuts About Coffee.

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