Fugazza @ Equitable Place @ Thursday, June 13, 2013

Did you know focaccias in Argentina, are known as fugazza, derived from fug├ássa in the native language of Argentina's many Ligurian (Italian) immigrants?

On Collins St (x) Liz St there's a lovely menswear shop, Henry Bucks. The ultimate gentlemen's wardrobe, with a rack for ties and everything perfect and lovely. There's even a baby grand and globe, it looks elegant and warm. If I was a gentleman working in retail this is where I'd want to work. Anyway, left of this store is Equitable Place, a lane between Collins & Bourke St. 

You won't see this sign coming from Henry Buck's, it's on the other side of the lane.

On the left towards the end you'll see Fugazza, a small cafe.

Coffee's very popular here. It was a Wednesday.

There's focaccias, soups and salads.
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Chicken schnitzel focaccia 6.00 

I really liked this foccacia even if I made me feeling a little too full and strange because of the cheese. Though I'd recommend it. The first time I went here I had the full size one which was 12.00 and bigger, though not double the size. It was too much for me, and so I had the half size next time which was just perfect. For a slightly more well-balanced meal I'd get half a fugazza and salad.

One last picture. 

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