Good Food & Wine Show - Part 2 @ Friday, June 21, 2013

Part 2 - Classes

Casa Barilla Cooking School was running a class on making a seafood pasta dish. 

Our presenter was Luca Ciano who was very engaging.

A few things I learnt:

  • Yes to salt in the water
  • No oil, a. Doesn't do anything b. Sticks to the pasta so that the sauce doesn't absorb it as much, it's like a barrier 
  • No to washing it after you drain it, it washes away the good stuff on the pasta
  • Always leave it in the sauce for it to absorb the flavours
  • Don't throw out the water (that you cooked the pasta in) till the end, cause if your final sauce + pasta + meat mix is a bit dry you'll want to add that water

Luca went through how to make 'Casarecce with Mussels and Vongole, Arrabiata Sauce, Lemon and Parsley Pangrattato' aka pasta with mussels and calms sprinkled with fried breadcrumbs.

After the demo in pairs we had a shot at making it ourselves. Jas was head chef, I'm the assistant. The ingredients they were promoting was their sauces and pastas. In the dish we used 'Avabbiata', which is a hot tomato sauce, that's the first picture in this post ^. 

Cooking the Mussels & Calms with Onion & Garlic 

Jas showed me how to squish the garlic and finely slice/dice the onion. That didn't go too well. I rarely ever use knives as le beau prefers that I don't go near them, being accident prone. I once cut a nail chopping up Oreos. 

Final stages, just letting it absorb the flavours. 

bon app├ętit

It was nice, hot though in flavour. Someone over cooked the seafood so it was a bit chewy and I didn't eat that. 

Initially the class was 15.00 but they changed it week and we got a refund, though on the brochure it still said 15.00. I would have done it anyway. :P Last time I cooked must have been at least a decade ago (if you don't count cupcakes).   

There were showbags! The sauce & pasta we cooked with, a spatula and apron. 

After lunch we went to the Nepresso Class. We made 3 coffees and poured no.4 over a very nice vanilla ice cream. I drank 1 out of the 3 coffees, with lots of sugar and milk. The others were kinda gross.

Indriya from India

Comparing Cosi & Indriya.

Inside a Capsule

Water to clear the palette or perhaps just a sponsor?

No. 3 - Milk & Sugar

No.4 - Vanilla Ice Cream!

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