Gourmet Fresh - Indian Butter Chicken

Almost 50% of what you're paying for is rice. 
Notice how the sodium is 28% of how much you need in a day.

Dislike. There was 1-2 small tsp sized bits of chicken. 
Chicken skin does not constitute count as chicken! 
Flavourwise it was meh, average. Not recommended.
They should rename this as 'Butter Chicken Flavoured Rice.'

Agnolotti with Spinach & Ricotta in a rich Tomato and Roasted Vegetable Sauce

31% Sodium

I liked this dish, though next time I'll try to make it myself, as you can buy this filled pasta in the fridge section, and then you just need the bottled sauce. Would I recommend it? Maybe, it was nice, but nothing amazing. I'd rather try other offerings by Lean Cuisine.

Do you have any freezer meals you'd recommend?

Blogger Cabaret said... on June 20, 2013 at 5:36 PM  

Haven't tried it myself, but my local supermarket just brought in a new range of ready meals called "Cucina Del Nonno" they have clear lids so you can see exactly what you are getting and I have to say... pretty impressive looking for ready meals.

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