Chokolait @ Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Two Saturdays (22nd) ago in the afternoon we went to Chokolait.

Which is in the 'Hub' Acarde (enter from Liz. (x) Little Collins).

Not sure what 'Specials' mean, perhaps recommendations?

Pavlova w/o Deco

We drank what essentially was melted chocolate (6.50) between sips of water. 

I had the half dark/milk while he had the Jaffa (dark chocolate with orange). 
Unlike Koko Black there isn't complimentary water.

Complimentary Chocolate - B'day Special
We both had the green 'Pandan' one, which was interesting. 

We both had a huge slice of pavlova (10.00) each - in hindsight we should have shared as it was HUGE! The group of four to our right ordered one piece to share, that would have been a good idea. The strawberries were the freshest I've ever seen, sadly they sourced them from a whole-seller so I couldn't buy them.   

Everything was nice, Jas finished first and started feeling drowsy, are my conversations that boring? :P After finishing the cake and chocolate I felt a bit odd too, overwhelmed by chocolate, but also so sleepy... Was there something in the drink? Jas said this happens when you eat too much. Oh dear.

While it was a nice place, we'd recommend try it once, but the hot chocolate was simply just too rich. Hence he won't be back till next year, and I probably won't be back. We both agreed that if you were feeling like hot chocolate (with milk, and not just pure melted chocolate) we'd go to Lindt.

I've never had a man buy me chocolates, but this would be a nice place to get them from. ;)

They even have cupcake shaped ones.

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