Melbourne Marathon 2013 @ Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunday 13th October

4.30am. Well that didn't happen. We got to work around 6.30am (was meant to be there 6am...) as we spend 30mins lining up to get (into the wrong gate that is...) in the end we walked. It never occurred to me that you had to walk up to gate 3 and couldn't drive up to it...

*insert picture here*
I had a picture of Gate 3 though it appears it's still on the other camera. 

Arrived. Signed in and we were given lunch, a shirt, cap (which I didn't wear, I'm short, can't see with a cap on) and poncho (later it rained). Met the team leader, who reminds me of my first bf, not the way he looks but his mannerism. We walk almost to Flinders (I had to run to catch up - short legs) and were positioned as course marshals at difference places. I was with R who I had nothing in common with he likes sport (studying to be an elementary sport teacher specializing in aquatic things) sleeping and eating anything. Doesn't know what a macaron is. Ashley once wondered how I know some much things, little cool things, the arts, events and all those little adventures. The answer would be a series of friends, bfs and lovers, all older men who know so much more than me and introduce to me all these amazing things.

The View from the Location
Did you know they filmed an episode of Miss Fisher somewhere over there?

People in my way...

No people. :P 

Our task was to make sure people cross the street (the street where everyone was running) at a certain point. Most people said no and because there were barricades climbed the rocks beside it to get on with their trip (where the land soon ended and they had to cross anyway). R being a guy was pretty laid back and let most past. One woman in pink wasn't happy with me as I was in her way, in front of the barricade  People keep moving it! Suggestion, make it much heavier and harder to move. Eventually the number of people trickled down and almost everyone except those on bicycles crossed. At some point it rained. 

I saw a knight in silver armor, 3 brides/men and wonder woman  Also two guys on a big motorbike, the 2nd sitting backwards holding a huge camera (filming for tv) of the first guy to finish the marathon. Also saw parrots in a strange very tall heavy red-ish pink flower/bloom.

Met a girl that was a dead ringer for Ashley. She doesn't look like Ashley, but in personality was almost ever way like her! Though I know the real Ashley and that's how we're connected, this girl was surface Ashley. You should never be with someone you need (they aren't your mother or a crutch) but only with someone you want.

We finished at 11.15am as the next run (5km) had 
a course change and wasn't heading our way. 

Library, lunch, nap, Gantt Chart. Saw my mob partner, he's taken up wearing the backwards cap... Isn't it interesting how people at the same age can be dressed meh or be a vision in a perfectly tailed suit?

Lunch + Snacks

Between the two wraps there was 3 pieces of ham - the ingredient list didn't list ham...
I like it, the caesar inspired wrap but in truth it was more of just a chicken wrap.

Have you ever ran/walked a marathon?

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