We went on a market tour a while back, and our guide said that this place was the first dim sim place in Australia (?) or perhaps just the state. Back then I think it was around or right before the gold rush era. Today the original store at South Melbourne Market is always very popular. So popular that they have opened up two new stores, on Elizabeth St near Starbucks (between Flinders & Flinders Lane), and another on Swanston, next to EB Games where Darrell Lea was.

Elizabeth Street

Dim Sim $2
They come fried/steamed and with chicken or pork.

Potato Cakes $1

Steamed Dim Sim

While the store is take-away only like Starbucks with their sugar station there's a tray of condiments, if it's to your liking. Personally the dim sims were nice, except that they are too salty. The potato cakes are amazing though, the best kind. Overall not sure what the hype is about...

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