St Kilda Festival 2014 @ Saturday, February 15, 2014

I am not a morning person. Story of how I fell asleep on the beach. Since I'm working both days this week (le beau & I only see each other on the weekend) he suggested breakfast on the beach, and made brie & strawberry jam croissants, scones and bought smoothies. We went for a little walk on the beach, had breakfast and then I fell asleep...

Got lost on the way to work, it would be great if we got an address my GPS can find, corner of x and y street doesn't work. Wandered very far. Eventually got there when we were sent the landmark, which I could have used for the GPS!

In the morning we did ushering, didn't bring a book to fill the time... Bought overpriced water, 3 bottles for $12 (not for me), collected menus.

Lunch, we went exploring, found three amazing cake shops. Was going to go back tomorrow with the better camera but it's too hot. :( Music festivals girl bought the blue (bubblegum) pavlova while I got coffee for le beau & I, from Acland Continental Cakes. The colours response to what colours you think they are. But I was hoping for Persian fairy floss, pink/blue lemonade and pistachio.

We had Pasta Salads from Safeway and 1.5L bottles for $1.20.

This salad while looks vegetarian is not! It contains "animal rennet" in the parmasen cheese, "extract from the stomach of certain animals, used in cheese making". Other than that it was nice, I like it but don't love it. Wouldn't recommend it.

In the afternoon we went to a bar to hand out brochures and then do some surveys. 

Amazing centerpiece!

Great location for a photo shoot.

Tram glitched and then there was 7 in a row (as trams on parallel lines can't overtake each other). And that was it. Had an OCD moment but we survived and didn't end up on the floor (which usually happens).

Too tired to go shopping or meet le beau & Lily for dinner, 
we took a nap on the train. Shopping shall happen tomorrow!

Snacking. Cookies weren't as good as expected, same with the yoghurt. It was just traces of coconut essence, and a very faint scent. Prawn rice paper rolls were for brunch.

Did you go to the St Kilda Festival? Or was it too hot? 

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