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Angara - Indian

Last Saturday we went to Krispy Kreme in Narre Warren and decided to go for lunch, somewhere new, not a franchise or food court food at Westfield. Jas looked for a location and found this little place with a high rating. I did further research, determined that most of the reviews were fake but decided to give it a try anyway. 

That's an interesting mural (picture above), of course you're wondering what's inside the gate, it's a little playground with one of those plastic cubby houses like they have at McD. 

Menu was posted on the window, squished bugs under it... I like it when they have the menu posted on the window, it's like an obligation free quote. The interior looks odd to me, the colours and furniture remind me of pre-school (but bigger). On the table were fake flowers in a vase. 

Room for improvement. We could get black furniture, to have the focus more on food or company than the setting. Paint the walls a calming colour, add more pictures to create a feature wall. And with the centerpieces either use something that won't die like real flowers or at least add marbles or something to fill up the vases.   

The bain-marie is that thing that they keep food in to keep it warm, think of the Indian/Asian place at the food court. I do lunch specials, though we don't do lunch much as it's not as easy as meeting up for dinner. 

I see dust! When was the last time someone ate here or when they wiped down the tables?! This is the dust on one table jas gathered up with a business card. Keep your elbows off the table. In the corner I saw a household spider...

Drinks, jas had the 'Jeera Lassi' while I had the mango ($2.50 each) size suits the price. I really liked it as always, while jas also enjoyed his salty drink (which I didn't like at all).

We both had the eat in lunch special, I like to think of it as an Indian bento served in their special trays. This was around $12.50-ish. I had the one with cottage cheese, it was nice but nothing amazing or really anything to talk about. The beans (daal) I did not like, and the yoghurt was spicy rather than refreshing, a runny spicy Indian tzatziki.  

I love just looking at all the textures. We need something green though, some parsley. 

Jas had the lamb "bento" and potatoes. 

A better shot at the lamb. We really need to take more notes on his comments. 

Service was good, food was alright but nothing amazing, hygiene? Questionable, as the layer of black dust/dirt on the tables and a household spider in the corner. Didn't like the deco either, with the fake flowers in a vase. There are other centerpieces than flowers that don't require daily care and weekly replacement.

I would think most of these votes are really, 34 is a lot of accounts to make, each needs a different email address. I have six active emails, though haven't checked yahoo mail in months.

As you know I like to analyze, this was fun.

*click to enlarge*

Red - Seriously who makes an account just to post that one review? Also they didn't vote on any other places just this one.

Orange - No profile picture, people who use urbanspoon a lot generally have pictures. 

Green/Blue/Other Orange/Pink - Note the style, this person is a good writer, careful not to use the same words/phrases. But still each review is well written with correct spelling and grammar. Also most have a few things in common, they all talk about a. service b. highly positive descriptive word c. say they'll be back d. exclamation marks.

Urbanspoon have removed the fake reviews, but this is the first time I've seen that many fake reviews for one place, I'd say all but one of the review above are fake.

Angara Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Would you eat a place that writes their own reviews?

Blogger hazzymac said... on March 25, 2014 at 11:15 PM  

I am an avid reader of your blog, however with this review I had a slight issue. I find it quite distasteful that one judges a restaurant based your claim that they write fake reviews. I have worked at cafes before and am well aware that some reviews are fabricated, but the large majority do represent the opinions of other foodies.

I'd rather have an in-depth analysis of the flavours, textures and aromas that the food produced rather than an interior-designers review. Judging by the pictures the food looked absolutely appetising - mouth-watering even.

Constructive criticism is always useful especially for foodies who follow your blog!

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