A Slow & Sleepy Verdi @ Friday, April 04, 2014

28th Friday Match

Love this! Tissue paper + construction paper + tracing paper (?) + string.

Arrived on time for the interview, so glad I didn't wear heels, good luck walking up the rocky unpaved driveway from the front gate to mansion. :P Interview went well, only got one question wrong and forgot another. 

The tour guide was dressed as a house maid! Think Downton Abbey. If only they did that for adult tours and not the kid's ones only. Saw a part of the garden we missed, the part with all the pretty flowers. We shall be back. 

The car came back 2hrs late by then I was gone so didn't have a chance to see Hector. Bought a bag of green seedless grapes for $1 along the way. Great price and they were very fresh and firm. 

With time to spare I bought chips that I've been craving, bad decision. Some were over cooked and there wasn't enough sauce. No more LOTF, should have gone to Grill'd.

Made it to class on time, falling asleep all over the place today. 

Officeworks, I love these, if only I actually needed them...

Dinner at the Pancake Parlour, well it was more like an expensive $15 snack. Spinach and Feta crepe, served lukewarm. Dislike. The salad had celery and capsicum which I hate. Regret that, next time we're going to MadMex. In our experience you should only go to the Pancake Parlour for dessert. 

Tonight's show was 'Geraldine Quinn MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt' it was good, and entertaining, even though I fell asleep.

Are you seeing any shows as a part of the Comedy Festival?

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