Phat Brats & N2 Extreme Gelato @ Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Larrikin $10

Wagyu Beef Sausage, Cooked Onion, Tomato Sauce, Mustard & Cheddar Cheese

Seasoned Fries = $12-ish Student Offer

Lambo $10

Lam Sausage, Slaw, Gravy, Minted Peas & Feta

Two Sundays ago (30th March) we had dinner at Phat Brats, beef & lamb hotdogs (we swapped half half) and chips dipped in lime & chilli mayo. It was good I like it, though it wasn't amazing (except the super soft almost McD style  bread). I had what I'd call the American hotdog :P isn't it sad that our national food is either the hot dog or hamburger? I recall going to baseball games and  having hot dogs a long long time ago.

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Across the street we found N2! Not being in the city we've never been here. 

Long lines, with people standing in a line in the shop to eat oddly.

Creative? Yes Practical? No, in a crowded shop I could only read parts at a time. 

Salted Caramel Cream $8

He had the salted caramel + PB syringe, which I want next time, while I had the Milo. No regrets. It was very good, much better than Nitrogen Lab, which was more like $$ ice cream from the freezer at Coles. 

Milo $6

As well as being dipped in milo there was also crunchy bits of it throughout the chocolate (but no doubt milo flavoured) ice cream. The shop window is empty, being a take-away only place, but it had fake grass, and we enjoyed our geleto sitting there.

Quite a challenge to take a picture of, with no focus. 

Highly recommended we shall be back in a month or so. It's also near Nakid for Satan, and the tram. Tram from Collins (x) Swanston near City Square to get here.

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Have you been to N2 or the Nitrogen Lab?

Busy eventful days, we don't have a stay in day planned till next Saturday! We really need another day in between Saturday and Sunday.

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