Sunscreen Burns! @ Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday 7th April

Missed half a workshop, with le beau & Lily. Natalie & Ben of Books Rebounded ran a workshop on how to make a book box. I made it in time to create the frame inside the book and some envelops. It was fun, though not something I'd do at home atm as I'm accident prone. A tip was the cardboard we use it more like back of a notepad rather than light cereal boxes.

We also made letters, templates with folds were provided. My favourite's the music one.

Found an interesting book. *click to enlarge* 

Afterwards le beau & Lily went to lunch at the library cafe, while I went back to the apartment to do some work. Which didn't really happen being a procrastination extraordinaire. Fell asleep at the desk, and by 8pm we have a rough plan and did some research, and we're still on that stage.

Hoping to come back sometime for hot chocolate.

At some point we went shopping!

And had snacks... love the White Choc Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies.


Dinner at a Fukuryu Ramen in China Town. 

After dinner we went to the Portland Hotel to see 'Rama Nicholas After Ever After', we saw her last year in 'Death Rides a Horse'. Set pre-civil war, 1840s - Wild West! Great show. This year she's back with a new show, one set in Grimmland (brothes Grimm).

Another version of the classic 'Little Red Riding Hood' story retold, with flashbacks for it is 20yrs after the wolf was sent to jail for murdering granny. Though the story isn't what you think. Not really a spoiler but I'm really into doing animals like most people!

It was entertaining though her last show was better. Jas didn't like it as it upset him, with a lack of accurency on the stories. Would I recommend it? Meh, it was entertaining though but is related R for language. 


3am Dying. My face burns and itches, allergic reaction to another Sensense Sunscreen, red and blotchy, I can't fully opened my eyes. I hate sunscreen. Feeling like crap especially as it hurts even though I've washed it x3 times with a variety of cleansers. Interesting thing was that it had an activation point, and it wasn't when I applied it or anytime near that.

Early to class today, groups not going well, language difficulties (no not me, I'm loud and American :P) for others. The theme is Wonderland but they don't know or understand hence don't contribute.

6pm H&M, hit by a gust of wind my allergy was activated! And that was when I noticed the left side of my face was burning! Washed my face but it still burns! And it's red all over too, though has gotten worse since! Not feeling or looking ok, and of all days we're filming tomorrow and possibly taking pictures! Just so much going on atm.

After dinner we went to see 'Frescoes of Dionysius' at the Recital Center, checking tickets and stopped trams along the way meant we missed the first piece. The second was deary/horror movie theme, while the third was lovely, 'the moon and the star' ethereal music. 


A sick day. :( Was looking forwards to class today, like most Thursdays. Found my missing lunch bag, there was too much going on in cloaking last night (5 bags) and we missed one.

Having IT problems, other than XP is expired, ff freezes every-time fb tries to tag someone (it does this on its own). Still feel irritated from the allergic reaction, though it doesn't look as bad.  

The good news is that I've won tickets a concert with 'David Choi and Jason Chen', no idea who that is but Andy wants to go, so he can have the tickets.


"Sick" (burning like a vampire), the dr says I have to stay indoors. Had a slider (mini burger) with le beau (it started at 3pm, though really started at 3.25pm, that's the line before 3pm) and finished that events report on the Mother's Day Classic.


Today we got up early for a photo shoot, as the assistant photographer (collaborating with Emma) to get some pictures for an article on same-sex marriage. Met up with our real life models (and they're actually a couple too) Arthur and his partner. The venue was the library and around the city, we love the spiral staircase, chessboard and law books. Next we went to the Arts Center & NGV for the compulsory water feature, and in hope of recreating the 'Kiss in the rain in Paris' picture. Unfortunately we didn't have a place that was the right distance to get the perception. But still it went well.

Afterwards Emma went to Supernova while I went to the Electric Run, it was an least a mile from the front gate to the tent!

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