@ Saturday, September 10, 2011

After eng class we went to have dinner with jas. NY Pizza! BBQ Chicken 1/2 + the Special. I always get BBQ C XD. Most of the other toppings have ham, bacon or pig in some form. We also had poutine (hot chips + gravy + cheese), it was nice - but nothing I'd get again, though it is better than the ones at Lord of the Fries. Dessert. I love dessert! We had macaroons (wasn't in a cake or ice cream mode, though we did consider cheesecake...). Why are they so $$$?! :( Last time we got them they were $2.50, now they're $3 and that's less than 6mths gap. But they are very nice ^^.

We had the engagement ring discussion: If you get engaged and then break up do you return the ring or not? 
Me: If you're made at him then no. But you kinda should that thing cost $30k+ (I heard it's meant to be 3mths of pay, but I'm not sure if that's before/after tax + day to day expenses). Possible reasons for the 3mth "rule": 1. obviously they want you to spend more (the industry) 2. you've thought about this for 3mths and you're certain you want to go through with it
Jas: If the guy breaks it off you get to keep the ring. (He reckons 1 caret = $400. Google says no.)

It turns out the "L'Occitane - 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream" is really good but perhaps not worth every penny. I'm not fond of the scent, esp when I also wear cuticle cream at the same time, all those smells just make me feel sick. jas seems to like it so I gave it to him, awaiting his review (thu, if he remembers to use it).  

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