The Emporium Melbourne @ Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There's a new shopping center in town (or the city), why? We don't know. From a marketers point of view it's because there as room/a space available. And what else were we to put there? From a consumer's point of view, it's just another money generating structure. It's completely unnecessary, there was no void to be filled. The city is full of shops, and we have Melbourne Central. The only thing missing I think of is 'Happy Lab' which has yet to open in the city. 

Note that I drafted this post when I was upset. The Emporium was a disspointment, why I was excited about going shopping I do not know. It's just another shopping center, one that is very unique. How so? There are no seats anywhere except in the food court area.

First shop we went to was Alannah Hill, the SA in the black lace dress was lovely. She asked me what my name was O.o which to me feel almost like asking for my credit card. :P I studied marketing hence most of the time marketing techniques don't work on me (unless they involved food) :P. 

When I arrived they had what I wanted in stock but I waited for Emily to arrive before the purchase, I gave up waiting (I do not wait, life is about me, I wait for no one) and went to the check out. Sold out! And bam! I had a panic attack! Jelly legs, racing heart, hyperventalation, tingling face. A couple minutes later I'm on the floor crying hysterically. Yes that was in public, I can't control it, and I did to the 3/3/3 breathing which worked for a while till I suddenly went into hysteria mode. Security found me quickly and offered assistance, but there was nothing he could do. But he was very nice. 

I called le beau but he didn't pick up (later he calls me, was the in shower). Wish he was with me, he's been with me when its happened before, and while he doesn't make everything ok, I get calmer slighting quicker. Also there's someone to catch me when I fall (litterally).      

And that ruined my day. What I wanted to buy was the limited (100) showbags, which included a single red rose. If le beau was there he would have gotten me a showbag (he's a great talker, and unlike me is one of the 'beautiful people'). He offered to buy me roses the next time he sees me (after I said no thanks to his offer to spend the night to take care of me) but it's ok. Consulted the dr who says that I might have linked single red roses to panic attacks, and they might be a trigger! So what he's suggesting is that this event was psychologically scarring! 

They had lots of showbags but they were only for PR/Media, which unfortunately I'm not. Journalism and being 'someone' like a stylist or a public figure/person on tv are the ways to get it. No event bloggers I think, though I'm hoping to change that. We shall ask mr events, though I think he area is business events like conferences rather than events where they have models and the 'beautiful people.' My specialty is events that don't involve them, and that's the way I like it. Samantha Jones would have been on the VIP list, we need a friend/contact like her. 

We have another observation at these types of events, beautiful people have it easy, free entry, drinks and freebies, they don't have to work for things or ask. They're just given everything. I'm potentially at risk of turning green. At one of the stores we went to some people were offered drinks, notably the beautiful people. Not me. If I asked I'm sure they would say yes, but I didn't want a drink, though it would have been nice to offer.

Though another reason I wasn't offered a drink could be because I'm not their target market, which is females in their mid 20s - early 30s, who are tall (probably, though you don't have to be tall to wear most of their stuff, other than a couple dreses, particulary with dropped waists) and thin. I am not thin, they do sell my size, but it's not preferable.  

Current Mood: I hate people! And I'm pretty certain a face reconstruction would hurt! That and Helen wouldn't reccomend it. Also feeling like a dwarf (but I do not believe 4'10" (147 cm) is the height of them). Though I do not have disproportionate body parts, I'm just short overall.  

There's about 5-6 levels, with the escalators being in the middle of each floor. One level underground level. Some of the bigger stores are on three levels, with escalators within the store. There's also walk-throughs to David Jones & Myer, and Melbourne Central. So you can enter from Bourke St and get to the station at Melb Central without going outside! We must try that sometime.

Black is a nice colour, which you could always brighten up with jewelry or red glitter heels.

We came across a tea salon, which involves scones with jam/cream for $6 each. Edit: I recall it being $6 but I was wrong, it's $8 and better be 2-3 large ones. This place is more of a cafe than a place like Hopetoun's. The children's menu looks great, shall attempt to get le beau to order it. They sell shoestring fries with aioli $10, sounds like the kind you can buy 1kg for $3 at Coles.  

I do like the styling of this display, going places with clothing elements.

Love 3D pop-up books!

Unfortunately they're more of display boxes than living spaces. 

Instagram promo, picture + follow for a free cap.

This store was interesting. Though Harvard would be more popular. 

 Superdry had an opening event, you're all invited if you RSVPed.

Statue of Death. :P Loving those suits, but kids grow fast so don't buy them expensive clothes that and they get dirty. But wouldn't it be cute for the ring bearer? Victoria's Secret is coming soon, hope they'll bring their American prices with them.

Level 4 food court, with the escalators as the centerpiece. 

Tiny sign, we almost missed it. We had dinner with Emily at SpudBar, she had the bolognese, while I had the Hawaiian. She didn't like hers, while I liked mine. They were out of lettuce (spinach replacement) and sour cream (yoghurt sub). Emily said bolognese with spinach is odd, while I think the size was odd. Chopped spinach and pasta works.   

Bolognese Spud

Hawaiian with Sweet Potato

Couldn't fix the lighting on that one, the lighting (white/warm) is dependent on the object and lighting in the area. We've got to figure out how to control that.

All these pictures are mine, stupid watermark from converting program (that came with adware) as the program that came with the camera doesn't work.

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Anything Goes in the Kitchen @ Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday 14th April

An hour late as I kinda slept in. Not a morning person. Though in terms of work I'm not a night (11pm finish) person either. O.o Maybe I'm an afternoon person?

Kid's activities aboard the ship! Well there was one activity (aboard) and this time we went exploring! Yay for exploring! As I'm accident prone I took someone with me, lovely guy who's great with kids (and knows he wants two kids, a backyard and a dog) which is amazing that he knows what he wants, as he's in his early 20s. Most people are saving for cars or traveling adventures.  

Below deck, below living quarters was the storage area, 
very deep, as this ship was a cargo ship.

The captain's quarters were nicer than the crew (upstairs and down) and there was a bathtub though people must have been very thin and tall to fit into this stuff. There was also a kitchen, games room and bathroom, though I didn't figure out where you take showers?

Kitchen - Upstairs
Impossible to see but there's a rat in this picture, hence the post name.

We weren't that busy today, lots of glitter involved! Didn't lose anyone, quite the opposite when I added someone to the group as I thought they were part of it, whoops! No one told me!

Back tomorrow. :) Oh and one kid pointed at me and called me a witch O.o well I suppose I did look like the 'Oz' one but not green. Another girl decided that I was the captain's girl, we all know who's really in charge. ;)

Oh and yes you can hire the ship for your pirate themed wedding!

Free doughnut from KK! (Do the colouring in activity). 

Late lunch at Purple Peanuts, I have a hair in my rice! And it's black! Clearly not my hair. I think that may have affected the taste (it's like seeing a bug!). Later we shall discover this was NOT a good food week!

A Cube of Yuzu Cheesecake

More like cake with layers of citrus cheese. It was lovely! Though small for $5.


Another day aboard, did some more exploring. Found half a door, that I would have to turn on my side to enter :P unfortunately there was nothing behind the door (picture above, before the captain's room).

Got a happy meal for lunch, they tried to sell me the adult version (no toy, or box and it was $1+ more, wth?). Nice try, no. Selling me things is very very challenging as the guy trying to get me to adopt sponsor a child who followed me from Southern Cross to Swanston discovered.

Picnic perfect scene, just ignore the dirty water. 

Crashed on the train. On the way to the station there was some boys humming POTC theme, lovely. I do feel as though I was judged more by the happy meal than my awesome tricorn.


Getting up at 6am to shop ain't going to happen - unless there's a major sale, and I have the item on reserve. But at 8am le beau & Lily were lining up to be one of the firsts to check out the 'Emporium' a collection of expensive (bad word in marketing) shops located opposite Melbourne Central. 5 Levels, with flagship stores. 

Lily tells me there was lots of free food, L'Occitane had GWP tote bags, and some other stuff. Uniqlo had its own lines, where le beau found some merino jumpers he likes, though I still prefer the Ralph Lauren cable knit ones. As he spent over $100 he also received a tote bag. 

Missed part of class as I slept in and was too tired to function. :( I don't like group work, as I'm not an architect I have no idea how to design an Aqua Center! I can do the pools with slanted bottoms, and other rooms, but I no sense of scale and know nothing of sizes.

As we can have up to 10,000 people at a time, there won't be a huge cake to cut. Instead I was thinking blue jelly cups with a wedge of orange and a pirate flag on top.

Is this too big? It's at least 15 meters squared. Also do we have a budget? 

There are a type of events I should not go to. Clearly I completely forgot that tonight. Events that mess with self-esteem. I feel ugly today. Even though le beau ensures me that that I'm not. Almost on any day being average is pretty good, if you think about all those below average people.

Ending this post on a good note, we had dinner at SpudBar, here's what Emily had. 

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Happy Easter! @ Monday, April 21, 2014

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