Comic Con - Melbourne 2014 (Part 1) @ Friday, July 11, 2014

This is the second year we're at the 'Royal Exhibition Building', rumoured we're moving to the warehouse at Showgrounds next year. Good thing Comic-Con isn't held during summer! 7am starts are unrealistic in winter and on a Sunday when trains don't start till 8am.

Regina! Not the same girl as last year. I did also see two Emmas (red ballgown + anime-ish red leather jacket outfit) and a Hook. Wish there had been more though, thought there would be as Emma (OUAT) was coming to the con this year! Also would have loved to see some of Regina's more elaborate dresses, like the outfit in 'Hansel & Gretel' off the top of my head. 

Frozen was the most popular cosplay this year. Let it go, battle version.

Game of Thrones. That cape looks warm!

Dalek - Doctor Who. There's a guy inside on an electric wheelchair, though they can also control it just like a robot (with no one inside). There was only one of these this year.

10am. Go early, there's less people. To get in there's two lines: buying tickets on the day ($35) and pre-paid ($5 + $30n) yes you line up even if you already bought your ticket. And sometimes the other line goes faster. The only way to skip the line is to pay in the hundreds.

Avatar Panel! Oh look there's Hiccup.

Ty Lee & Zuko
I'm still amazed that Dante's normal voice is Zuko...

We've never seen Zuko cosplays before, though on Sunday we were missing Tenzin and Korra which we've seen in the past. Did see Toph though. I'd love to go as Asami with a wig one year.

Lunch $10 for two small fish tails (not fins btw) and a bucket-load of cold chips.
The cafe was typical, and disappointing. Deep fried, sandwiches and wraps.

We went to Emma's panel! She's so pretty! Something I didn't notice as much as like an anime character she practically lives in that one costume. She's been in HIMYM, House &...

'Mr & Mrs Smith' though because she looked completely different I didn't recognize her at all. 

One amazing Kristoph (Let it Go) + Hook + Ruby who reminds me of Mother Gothel (Rapunzel) and Emma in the session final when they time travel and with Hook she goes to a ball. 

Cinderella (winter ed.) + Captain America

Cool top hats.

 Ariel + Ursula
Hiccup + Steampunk SW

Possibly Maleficent? Love the dress, it has hoops and was a lovely colour.
Team Rapunzel.

A creative police box dress (Tardis, Doctor Who), missed another 1820s bustle one.
Mario, the only one and Wanda (Cosmo was home sick).

Unicorn Girl (Princess Celestia - My Little Pony). I love the wings & white dress!

Mast Chief - Halo

Team 'Let it Go' lots of girls, but only one Kristoph.

The best 'Frozen' cosplay, though I still love her ice dress more. 

Dr Who meets Disney Princess T-Shirts
Elsa x Toothless

These guys make realistic props for tv.

I met these guys, Olivia (Ty Lee) was out of Avatar postcards so we go an alien instead.
Along with Dante (Zuko) they had the longest lines (we were there for 75mins, waiting).
Everyone was friendly, especially Jason (Spirited Away, Goofy's Son Max).

Part 2 - Coming Soon.

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