Comic Con - Melbourne 2014 (Part 2) @ Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pokemon Hair Bows $10. Not sure about the other stuff. 

Wynter Myst Nyte Wings - You have no idea how much those 'y's bother me. 

HP Potions - I wonder if that's real gold...

Bottles of milk & cookies, candy, and teacup earrings.

End of the line potion charms $10 each or 3 for $25. 

A hard decision I like them all though wasn't going to wear all three.
There's two gaming ones (red/blue) and the pink 'True Love' Potion from OUAT.

We went with the red one even though there's no glitter because it looks like blood.
That and I like red, it's Lucy who loves pink, though she may swallow this one.

We met thiskidthatkid, who isn't online yet.

Everything's so pretty...

The black ones remind me of the one Regina (OUAT) wears, but prettier.

$5 Necklaces & Brooches

This is exactly why I prefer online shopping, I can analyze for ages w/o being judged or being in the way. These two stood out the most to me. Though I went with the blue/green as it was more 3D, had more layers.

My latest brooch, should have gone with a darker bg...

Marvel usbs, both Adrian & le beau went as marvel characters to comic-con.
DIY lace collars, I got one of those, though made it into a garter.

 In the artist lane area there's artists who do sketches!

text Dinner from Safeway, hello inconsistency, crazy hot sauce! Chef's reccomendation. Completely forgot to ask if the salmon comes from a can. A sketch I commissioned, there's something wrong with the face IMO. The reason you don't see pictures of me is because I'm ridiculously insecure about the way I look. And the bottom right is a manila folder from Typo, which would be nice to cut up and frame. 

Did you go to Comic-Con?

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