@ Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Restricted to spending the day indoors and out of sight - I'm sick :(, major allergy reaction to a cream I used yesterday afternoon. It's red, horrible, and feels like plastic but at the same time burns and is itchy - but I can't touch it. I'd get a refund - except fortunately it was a sample.

"A'kin Unscented 24-Hour Pure Moisture is for sensitive, allergy prone and fragile skin", what they means is it will result in extra sensitive itching/burning skin, with allergy levels as high as a kite. And it appears I'm not the only crazy allergic person to their products.

The Offender

Last night we went to see Jenny Wynter's amazing one woman show: The Unexpected Variety Show. A fabulous comedic musical theatre show with improv. Wow, she can hold notes for a very long time O.O The show was amazing! The show is a story told through song, improv and great acting. Highly recommended, maybe not quite a family show though XD. Here's a better review than mine.

"The word suggestion for last night’s improv song (if I haven’t already told you, before the show the audience writes down words into a suggestion bucket for one of my characters to choose from to create a spontaneous song mid-show) was “testicles."" - Jenny.
Oh dear... Guess who wrote that word (not me btw XD).

                                                                      Jenny Wynter

Edit: Lovely. Blogger glitched and I just lost half a post!

I wrote about a storm, reports, and a Burberry tie that arrived in the mail. This v, but in pink.

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