@ Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today didn't go to well :( Been sick lately and as a result missed half the maths classes for the area the big test is on tomorrow, funny thing, didn't miss THAT many classes for other subjects... Spent 6-7hrs on the weekend on health tables, dreamt about it too.

Theatre on Thurs with jas ^^ (if he remembers, things won't go so well if I get tickets and he doesn't turn up...). I can actually start to see why people hate the character I'm playing, Rose. She tries to be nice and all, but the people don't treat her well, e.g. only talk to her when they'll gain something from it. And why don't they treat her well? Because she lets them walk all over her, like a doormat. e.g. "lining" up to buy lunch, there is no line. to get to the front you need to push. Rose doesn't like that are is also demophobic. She attempt to stand in "line", while other people push in front of her. She acts like she's fine with it. Is she really? By the time she actually gets to the counter, there's one left of the thing she wanted to buy. A boy pushes in from the left and buys it. She has a breakdown, hides in her locker where no one will find her, though she does know almost no one cares. Later on she ends up taking 1hr trip to the town to buy lunch, and ends up spending 1.5hrs on that in total - when she could have pushed everyone out of the way like others and acted like a barbarian.

No wonder inside a psycho-manic is in the creating.

The Diagnosis: inability to stand up for one self
Possible Solutions & Analysis:
a. tell the teacher, yeah ok, but it's happened everytime and it's not just one person, it practically everyone, plus by the time they're there that person is gone
b. push [back], congratz on joining the lower life form
c. tell them POLITELY that you were there first, really? they'll just tell her to go f herself or something similar, note this is a village of barbarians we're dealing with
d. leave campus, chance of a emergency evacuation being med-low, spend an hr traveling to the nearest town and back, not including buying/eating time - why is the nearest thing a cafe that only sells brunch and coffee?! 

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