@ Friday, October 21, 2011

Everyone's hyper and sneaking in cameras today, the (official-ish) last day. There were a few with the pro cameras too. I had my point & shoot, though didn't bring it to classes for group pictures. Everyone's really excited about leaving, though I don't really share that as I move ever yr, compared to kids who have been here 6+ yrs. Someone made bubbles in the fountain XD. And some boys attacked random people at the station with water bombs in uniform O.O.

First class was health. Card status: 100% perfect (though you could always have more glitter). Mr Health gave everyone a water bottle XD ("Bottle of Success"), though one person got a diff one cause he couldn't find 12 identical ones after going to a couple stores. And a scroll, with a poem (I think it's a poem?) with rhyming words in it. It was amazing - I fail at poetry and am not particularly a fan. The poem was about health, and exams. He said we were the best class (I think) and he enjoyed the yr. *Fail cue* I get up a few seconds too early, present the card, he likes it ^^ (unlike the last one, who didn't talk to me for a week after...). Awkward moment while he reads it (not out loud, though I'm pretty sure no one can resist what others wrote before them). Ends with hugs (or with me, a hug attempt) & handshakes, and group hug (for those who didn't run before they were pulled into it). That was awkward... I got out of it though :) He's wearing nice cologne today ^^ (slightly a bad item, as perfume + sport = rash).  Someone suggested getting him a Dalmation (his kid wants one) XD, and a girl said that'll be cool for like 24hrs, then it's just annoying :( What she really means is, that it's hard to look after, esp cause he's a busy person. Edit: He did buy her a Dalmation.

Card no. 2. Business. Initially I was only going to do a card for mr health, due to a previous bad exp - and because he's super nice, I'm glad I did them for other classes too. Timing was slightly better, though org was not, with three signing the card on the day. After the card he made his goodbye speech, though not as dramatic(?) as mr health - who's I suppose more friendly, does hugs - rare, in the profession. One of the boys, the potential model announced I organized the card O.O, (pretty sure mr bm would have seen the cards floating around all week) and he said ty ^^ (mr bm, not the model).

Last one. Legal. No goodbye speech - we instead got the "I'll be here all week month" part only. Mr eng isn't really one to get emotional, say we'll miss you and stuff. Timing fail. Involved me asking a girl to block the door, as everyone was attempting leaving after photos, this is the part where mr eng would have done the speech. He liked the card ^^ - I assume. 3/3 couldn't figure out how to open the card (it was inside a plastic wrap) XD, as it was on the side and not top, would have been the same if I've never seen it before. Overall the cards were a success. For the envelope, I was just going to write the name, but in the end made a monogram of the first letter of their name and put some silver glitter on it. To seal the envelope I stuck a gold star stick on the middle (with help from mr health - on how to seal it. As I think sealing it adds to the suspense, but results in a destroyed envelope).

Had the last house time. Where our buddies gave us these scroll wall hangings with the class' names. After that we walked out while everyone lined up, creating a passage and had to clap. That was awkward... And the day ended with a talk on doing the right thing (refer to the water bombs and bubbles above).

Monogram envelope. Mr Health's card. Bottle of Success. Bubbles in the Fountain.

On Monday we have grad breakfast, 90s theme (I going with 19th century corsets though), assembly, chapel and grad dinner. People are going in costumes, but mainly in groups. Starts at 6.30am... So very early... Will be needing lots of coffee. Ends at 11pm (after dinner). Searching for the perfect veiled fasinator as a headpiece for my "Modern Victorian" outfit.

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