@ Saturday, October 15, 2011

Had the last speech night ever yesterday, didn't get back till around one. The day was spent working on health Qs, traveling to/from the place (2), practicing walking on stage, talking about ty cards, and going to a burger joint for the kid's meal great chips.

Saw mr legal at the speech rehearsal but not in class... Hence low productivity and high chatter. For the card signings messages I've given them to everyone (except one guy I think who wasn't there) in health, emailed to for eng, given all but 4 for legal and 3/x for business. Organization fail... Everyone's going along with it in health ^^ w/o debate so that's nice - unlike legal, where a girl suggests group picture, and I'm like yeah sure (translation: hell no, I planned this thing, it's freaking perfect, if you want to do a group picture you do it, I'll help take the picture but other than that I want no part in it).

I'm very annoyed, my idea was unique. Plus I look better not in class and in uniform. You're a different person in and out of class - or at least I am... You can't look good in class pictures, no strike a pose and gaze seductively at the camera, whilst using the emotion memory technique ;). At this point I'm just going to leave it, will attempt to get one done for eng (mr eng = mr legal). If she wants to do a class picture and sign that she can go ahead. It is not cool with me, even if I didn't throw a bitch fit then and there.

Someone should edit this gif...

I was right, mr health! The top button isn't designed to be done up, as confirmed by ms hoh, who tried to do it. Speech Night went for ages... 3hrs. Blah blah blah. Our part as the leaving yr was to walk in stage (60 sec max) in houses (groups of 40) stand poker face, bow and walk off.

Scarier than you think. As when you're standing around on the massive 3 screens behind you are mugshot profile pictures. I look like I'm on crack... but then so do a lot of people. Some people had their heads at odd angles, smiled too much (gums) or looked like they haven't slept in days (like me). Names are always amusing, the best being the Mr X-opolus, who's name was almost too long to fit in, and was 4+ syllables, I got lost after the 1st one XD.

While we walked the plank a piece the captain chose was played. Friends Theme.mp3 Kinda ironic. It's just a show for public img. As ms hoh said, we had the best piece ^^ (for the occasion), I didn't recognize the other 10+ house pieces. Though one house had "Bittersweet Symphony" I love that piece! But it only for dramatic scenes, or like in movies when it's an epic ending.

The Green Room
It's bigger than it looks, this part-ish has 1,000 seats.
Our Piece: Friends Theme.mp3 Kinda ironic. It's just a show for public img.

Today we had the last eng lecture, with the fabulous miss s - my fav eng lecturer (she gives 6hrs of hw atm...) and when compared to mr eng, he's seen as mr health (laid back, low stress, fun, no strict-ish). She's brilliant and funny. e.g. When describing her grandma she says she was one of those women who were always classy - though she was a bitch. Or. When she talking about science, and the only use for heads of science (though I do believe she was referring to a certain colleague) to marry them and get divorced later. She's especially funny when she talks about her boys (she's at a boys' college, one of the other elite colleges in the state) and does a funny voice - though she does point out none of them talk like that XD. She's also the person with no regrets after eating a tub of ice cream - and not the mini one serve, the L tubs, she esp like the really soft serve Walmart brand.

She was doing the lecture on conflict, and told us what we can't do (there's 3 options) and gave the structure! I love the structure. Mr eng takes the more do your own thing "write to your strengths", which I find difficult as Ian says I have the inability to think for myself to an extent... Though I don't have the right brain dominance of science/maths. 

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